On Pakistan’s De-Escalation Offer


Looks like Shri Ganpat Rai has made Pakistan his permanent home!

But jokes apart, NEVER trust Terroristan, ESPECIALLY when they offer ceasefire / de-escalation. What this statement from Pakistan means is that they are really hurting due to the relentless whacking by the Indian Army since Pulwama / Balakot.

Of course, being practically bankrupt, plus an IMF which is making them grovel for bakhsheesh like never before helps too.

THIS is the reason why they are suddenly smoking the peace pipe, in addition to the dope that they are otherwise addicted to.
And this is not the first time they are doing so, mind you.

On 12 January 2002, the world saw a mightily shaken up Musharraf come on television and ‘promise’ that no Pakistani territory would henceforth be used for terror against India.

You know what prompted this?

It happened when he realized that this time India meant business.

It happened when he saw the way the Indian Armed forces had mobilized in the immediate aftermath of the Parliament Attack, all set to teach Pakis a good lesson once and for all.

Interestingly, by making this statement, he more or less acknowledged Pakistan sponsored terror.

Btw, it was the same Musharraf who had PUBLICLY felicitated terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri for bringing the head of an Indian Army soldier from the LoC not very long ago.

It was the same Musharraf who has been repeatedly humiliated by the Indian Army


(LINK to above tweet)

Here are a few more tweets on Musharraf and his baptism by Indian fire in 1965. This thread was tweeted on the occasion of 50 years of the 1965 war. Here’s the LINK to the relevant part of that thread and a screenshot below:-


It was the same Musharraf who had told a group of retired military officers in April 1999 that “Taliban are my strategic reserve & I can unleash them in tens of thousands against India when I want” (LINK).

So what happened in 2002?

Did he realize his ‘folly’ and become a reformed man?


Far from it.

The reason for this cosmetic change of heart was that India was finally on verge of calling Pakistan’s bluff. How much sincerity lay behind his words was aptly demonstrated when Pakistan sponsored terror killed unarmed women & kids in Kaluchak 5 months later.

Pakistan react ‘fast and furious’ by arresting Hafiz Saeed after Vajpayee talked about Aar Paar ki Ladai.

The same was repeated after the 2008 Mumbai Attacks!

Such is the irony of the terror infrastructure in Pakistan that today Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar and Lakhvi roam freely, while Musharraf is hiding in the Middle East!

This brings me back to the basic premise behind this blog – Pakistan offering an olive branch.

We’d be fools to be taken in by it.

Just as their proxies come back stronger after every ‘Ramzan Ceasefire’ in the Valley, so will the Pak Army.

This offer is not that of a ceasefire, but a tactical retreat instead.

A tactical retreat because their bankrupt economy can no longer sustain such prolonged engagements.

A tactical retreat so that they can go back to licking their wounds.

A tactical retreat so that once their wounds heal and logistics replenished, they can go back to being .. well .. themselves.

A tactical retreat because the much anticipated baksheesh from IMF is taking a tad bit longer.

Let’s be clear folks – this ‘offer’ is not due to a change of heart, but is more about making a virtue out of a necessity because they just cannot carry on any longer.

This is not the time for us to repeat past follies and show magnanimity yet again.

Throughout our history, we’ve pardoned an inexcusable number of Ghauris an inexcusable number of times. And we all know what we have to show for it – Zilch. One often wonder what might have been, had we NOT been magnanimous even one of those times. Here is a tweet from about four years ago (LINK):-


This ‘peace offer’ by Pakistan is because they’ve once again realized that the GOI is damn serious about de-panting their brown pants spanking their brown bottoms good.

Any guesses why the ‘peace offer’ came right after this report – Army postpones critical wargames due to deployment on Pakistan border?


Bottomline: This is not the time to smoke the peace pipe.

On the contrary, this is the time to let the dagger thrust in their backsides, remain their, if not pushing it deeper. The enemy is hurting. The Valley is relatively calm, despite the onset of summers. Let it remain thus.


Flying and fighting in the MiG-27: Interview with a MiG pilot



Fast, brutal and unforgiving, the MiG-27 is a formidable Soviet attack aircraft that continues to serve with the Indian Air ForceHush-Kit spoke to former MiG-27 pilot Anshuman Mainkar about flying and fighting in this ferocious machine known locally as the Bahadur.

15284030_10155526477551982_4243330456773933328_n-2.jpgWhat is the best thing about the MiG-27? She was built for low level flying. No doubt about it, she offered a silk smooth ride down low. And she was fast….I remember a live fire exercise mission flows in card with two French Mirages trailing. On being given a call to push, we engaged afterburners and pulled away from the Mirages, who couldn’t catch up with us after that.”

“She was very fast at low-levels, and her ability to hold steady was superb. With wings swept back fully and speeds exceeding 1000 km/h at low levels, the wings waggled and the noise and vibrations…

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Indus Water Treaty – Time for a Rethink?


So I came across this news report earlier today (LINK)

This is BIG, folks!
Don’t dismiss it as a mere political statement in middle of an election season.
Let me explain how ..

Firstly, this is the first time someone as high up the decision making chain as a Union Minister has talked about the Indus Water Treaty in this manner. 

He’s not talked about optimally exploiting waters of the three Eastern Rivers which in any case are ours as per the treaty. Neither is he talking about utilizing the waters of the Western Rivers to the extent the treaty permits India to do. (In fact, we STILL aren’t utilizing the Western River waters that are we are permitted, even though some steps have materialized in that direction)

What he talks instead is about stopping the flow of river waters into Pakistan.
Now by this, one can safely assume that he is definitely NOT talking about the three Western Rivers because stopping their flow is more or less impossible due to geographical constraints.

What he means is about the three Eastern Rivers, and amongst those too, the Ravi.
Now why Ravi?

Because the Beas in any case merges with the Sutlej well within Indian territory and the Sutlej itself is practically a trickle by the time it crosses the border into Pakistan.

Now as far as the Ravi goes, there has been a steady build-up by this govt regarding diverting excess water that flows into Pak & use it for own consumption. I blogged some thoughts about the same some months ago. Do have a look for a better understanding – On Ravi River Waters Flowing Unchecked into Pakistan

As far as the Sutlej and the trickle that still flows into Pakistan goes, the day Sutlej Yamuna Link Canal happens, that too will be history.

But then, I see this statement of the Minister not for what I have written in the above. What stands out in the above statement is this phrase – PEACEFUL RELATIONS AND FRIENDSHIP. Here’s a screenshot of the same:-

Now before I elaborate upon that, let me tell you about the circumstances in which the Indus Water Treaty can be abrogated by any party – THERE ARE NONE!

Para 3 of Article XII of the Indus Water Treaty states: “The provisions of this Treaty may from time to time be modified by a duly ratified treaty concluded for that purpose between the two Governments.” Unquote

Para 4 of the same article says: “The provisions of this Treaty, or the provisions of this Treaty as modified under the provisions of Para 3, shall continue in force until terminated by a duly ratified treaty concluded for that purpose between the two Governments.” Unquote

So basically, there is just no exit clause for the treaty. It can never be unilaterally abrogated but instead, only be replaced by another treaty for formalizing the sharing of waters.

Now THIS is where the choice of words by the Minister is so significant.

‘Peaceful Relations and Friendship’ is what he said. Now where did this come from? For answers, refer the screenshot of the Preamble of the Indus Water Treaty below. The treaty was signed ‘In a Spirit of Goodwill and Friendship’!

In case the provisions of the treaty don’t permit unilateral abrogation, then lack of ‘Goodwill and Friendship’ could technically provide a way out. In case the very spirit behind the treaty is no longer existent, can the treaty itself hold?

Like I said – Technicalities!

And when a person of the stature of a Union Minister uses the same language, I’d prefer to believe that the same has, at the very least, been debated at the highest levels of the Govt.

Post Uri, the PM had even remarked ‘Blood & Water can’t flow together’. And today comes this statement about terror & water.

So, in a hypothetical scenario, wherein the GOI actually cites this lack of ‘goodwill and friendship’ and actually abrogates the treaty, what might happen?

Contrary to what some might say, or want, flow of the Western Rivers into Pakistan simply cannot be stopped! The Indus and Jhelum flow inside valleys flanked by huge mountains. The only outlet for their waters is towards Pakistan.

Even the Chenab, though only flanked by the Pir Panjal Range to its north, flows through deep valleys and drops as much as 24 metres per kilometre, making it too very difficult to divert.

So like I said, the Western Rivers will continue to flow into Pakistan.

What WILL happen in case the treaty is unilaterally abrogated / suspended by India is that own projects on the Western Rivers will no longer be forced to adopt sub-optimal designs due to whims of Pakistan leading to time consuming litigation / arbitration.

What WILL happen is that own projects will not suffer needless delays while we try to ‘satisfy’ Pakistani whims.

What WILL happen is that we shall no longer be bound to share the designs of own projects, making them further vulnerable to terror.

What WILL happen is that we will no longer be bound to abandon / modify own projects due to Pakistani ‘objections’.

What WILL happen is that we will no longer be bound to ensure a minimum flow in the Western Rivers as our big dams fill up and even thereafter.

Most importantly, what will happen is that Pakis will never be sure about their water supply. The Ravi in any case brings floods to them every monsoon, what will now happen is that the Indus, Chenab and Jhelum can also bring droughts every summer / sowing season.

THIS is why the use of the words – ‘Peaceful Relations and Friendship’ – by the Minister is so significant. It is a warning to Pakistan that things might already by in motion and the cost of sustaining their terror apparatus is about to go significantly higher.



Continued from PART II, published some weeks ago. Didn’t realize then that there would be so much new ‘content’ so soon. Anyhow, here’s chronicling the same ..

So what if stats don’t agree with us .. we’ll MAKE them agree! The numbers indicate an increase, but the graphs disagree!


गिर चुका है ये चैनल! 😀


Oh, and how can anyone forget the #NDTVGirl ask the IMF Chief .. yes the IMF CHIEF .. whether Hindu Males alone benefit from India’s growth!


Yup, being ‘Legally Vetted’ indeed .. if only some fact checking had been done b4 actually publishing it .. but then, you can always vet it later!

Godawful &repulsive indeed .. esp the way the insult is turned on its head


Oh, the outrage!
Especially since Heckling = Terrorizing!
Oh, btw there are no terrorists in ‘India Controlled’ Kashmir (refer PART I of this blog series, or THIS tweet), merely ‘Separatist Guerillas’, allegedly!


This one is awesome!
Pic 1: Get called out for what might have been a genuine mistake.
Pic 2: Refuse to acknowledge & offer gratuitous advice
Pic 3: Get called out for the liar that you are
Pic 4: STILL refuse to see reason and offer a juvenile excuse!
Welcome to #NDTV, folks!


This one is unique NOT because of the wrong mathematics (aisi galtiyan to hum se hoti rehti hain 😇), but for the fact that the tweet is still there as it was, un-amended, and more importantly, RT’ed by the @ndtv handle as well!


Ye kaisa ‘Leaving’ hua bhai?
Or are they implying that the PM is a fan of Swargiya Shri Michael Jackson’s ulti chaal wala moonwalk?


#NDTV – Where middle school mathematics makes our brains hurt!
Or are they finally making an effort to improve the mathematical skills of their employees so that 26*2=62 doesn’t happen again (Refer tweet 77)?


British MPs are passe (Refer tweet 24) .. with a former POTUS himself insulting us, we are in a league of our own! Now, if only the current POTUS would oblige us .. 😀


And who’d have thought we would have the grace to accept the free ‘publicity’. No way! How can we not let the whole world know what our agenda .. err .. question was? 😀


Oh no .. I should have avoided the word ‘agenda’ in the above tweet.
On that note .. plz DON’T pay any heed to this video, I implore you!
In fact, as per a commentator on YouTube, #NDTV themselves too have taken down this video!


Oh, and btw, we WILL question constitutional authorities that have been entrusted as the custodians of this great democracy of ours .. no bias here, mind you .. so what if there exists no solid evidence of that!


While we are on the topic, what is a zero between friends .. that too on an election morning, hain ji? Fact checking is secondary .. ‘breaking news’ is what we live for!


Then there is the quintessential editorial ‘oversight’ .. or maybe they think one of these two gents is a PM / CM in India by day and a minister in Sri Lankan govt by night! (Screenshot from ‘s TL)


The interesting thing about statistics is that they can tell just about whatever you ‘want’ them to tell .. ‘single quotes’ and U-Turns et al!


And in the quest for ‘victimhood’, what is a few crores here and there?!! 😀


Oh, DAMN the mirrors that ppl keep shining in our faces!!


And this one I leave here without any comment 🙂

This reminds me of a dialogue from the game GTA II which I used to play sometime in the last decade – ‘REMEMBER, RESPECT IS EVERYTHING’!
Oh, and the single quotes for ‘respect’ .. if that cannot make you fall in love with the good folks manning the #NDTV offices, nothing will!
Sometimes I wonder would an allegedly renowned media house so proudly quote ‘Foreign Media’ in the main headline IN ADDITION to the usual disclaimer at the end of the report.. But then I tell myself, it is !
Disclaimer: The screenshot on ‘Abusive Handles’ is in no way related to the screenshot of a couple of tweets of the anchor. I just felt I should post them here together, on a whim. Seriously!
Facts are facts .. however, what is a few words in Queen’s English here and there if it suits our narrative, this time about the role of the State as represented by it’s police force, hainji?
If only ‘Jumping to Conclusions’ were an Olympic event, we’d never have any dearth of medals!
This screenshot, I’ll just leave over here in this thread without any comments
Ah, this one reminded me of the hashtag , and the outrage it caused – both secular as well as communal! Thank God for Twitter!
Aise editorial errors ho jaate hain kabhi kabhi!
A brutally polite lesson in tolerance!
Incidentally, I’m unable to find the original tweet of Barkha Ji that triggered this convo .. it might be my browser, or the tweet might have been deleted for all I know!
I wonder what triggered this hashtag about #NDTV .. but some of the responses are truly ‘hilarious’!
It is no secret that the Pakistani establishment is not very happy with , but too???
But, trust to give it back in his own way!
It was allegedly a bug which caused this on the #NDTV website!

Damn those ‘editorial gaffes’ .. they never stop! But the best part is that this tweet by STILL hasn’t been taken down and amended! Well, atleast they give image credits at the end of the tweet!! 
The tweet quoted by might indeed be yet another ‘innocent editorial error’ for all we know, but then, he is not the only one calling it otherwise!
PAID audience? Now whoever heard about that! 😀
Sab miley hue hain ji .. this is not fake applause .. there is a perfect explanation for it given more than a century ago by Shri Hermann Minkowski Ji: TIME IS THE FOURTH DIMENSION!
THAT is how the fellow is asking the ques & clapping at the same time!
Fetish with single quotes is quite understandable, but the word ‘suspect’ in any case means things are not confirmed.
Why put that in single quotes?
Chalo, small mercy that the word ‘alleged’ didn’t figure in this report! 😀
For the nth time .. has NO double standards whatsoever .. they have just one standard .. Got that?? 
If there is one thing you can’t blame the good folks at for, it is CONFIDENCE!
This is a VERY interesting conversation that a star anchor had with
I am assuming there were no lawsuits filed, though!
I cannot believe that this is not a photoshop!
I would think that even journos would know that a person named Mary Kom actually exists beyond the cine world as well!
But well, doesn’t surprise me any more!
Here in we very strongly believe that behind every silver lining there is a dark cloud!
I can almost see the next headline – ‘Banana Planters Go Out Of Business After Bridge Connects Village To School’!
(Refer two screenshots above)
Yo NDTV so patriotic that they don’t give a damn about Chinese boatsmen! Their concerns only concern Indian boatsmen!
We in #NDTV will go any lengths to get you a breaking story .. Heck, if we are unable to find one, we will CREATE one!
Even if it comes at the cost of our reputation .. because .. well .. What Reputation?!!
Talking about reputations!
Btw, you might want to go thru the replies to the tweet quoted below (LINK)
To be fair, #NDTV probably wouldn’t be the only one that confused ‘Osama’ with ‘Obama’.
But that doesn’t mean I’ll not put this ‘editorial gaffe’ here for archival purposes!
Our editors have managed to defeat the Matrix by successfully introducing a ‘glitch’ that converts a drug addict into a drug addiction!
Here’s proof!
Refer PART 1 of this blog series.
Whenever we type the word ‘TERRORIST’, our computers automatically change it to a more ‘humane’ word.
In this case our computers chose to convert Terrorists into Citizens!
This one is offered without comment, our of sheer respect for their allegedly unbiased reporting!
Talking about inadvertent editorial gaffes .. THANK HEAVENS they only made him ‘Sardad’ Patel and not ‘सरदर्द’ Patel!
Because had they done it, one can only imagine the kind of reactions they might have received!
Shukr hai bach gaye!
Kasam Se!
This time a guy trained to kill Indian citizens gets branded a Worker!
Looks like the message that the ‘T’ word will NOT be used has really tickled the creativity bug in some good folks!
Btw, such a glamorous ‘representative’ photo of the alleged ‘worker’ made me do a google search.
Sure enough, the report on a terrorist’s arrest carries a cropped / photoshopped photo of police officers!
Ah, Statistics!
We love them soooo much, ‘coz they can always be suited to tell what we have on our alleged agenda!
Over here, #NDTV seems to be implying that govts in India are formed / felled based on vote percentages and NOT the absolute numbers of MPs!
Yo #NDTV so secular that a Pakistani Flag automatically changes to a flag RESEMBLING Pakistani flag!
This, when their OWN report says it is a Pakistani flag in the VERY FIRST SENTENCE!
Heck, even the headline of the report says Pakistani Flag!
But, looks like the worker bee sitting on the twitter handle of our dear #NDTV didn’t get the ‘correct’ message, Allegedly!
Btw, ANI tweeted two pics with their report on the incident.
Guess which one did #NDTV choose to use for their own report!
(With due attribution to ANI, of course!)
VIRAL indeed!
Aur iss desh ke baaki maa baap toh apne bachchon par sirf chaabuk hee chalaate hain!
How in the world did the good folks at #NDTV manage to do this still baffles me!
My alleged conspiracy theory begins with the sentence, “One night an NDTV intern was feeling bored, so he went online and ..”
God bless the person who allegedly created the word ‘ALLEGED’!
Even @KanchanGupta ji agrees, allegedly!
BREAKING NEWS IS OUR DHARMA .. Fact checking comes secondary!
Somehow, I have my doubts the ‘govt hand’ actually used that word.
But then, he is and will always be anonymous, no?
Talk about reputations!
While we are on the subject of reputations, I guess this thread too has earned a bit, allegedly .. or would you say purportedly?
To be fair, she wasn’t the only one who celebrated the deaths of soldiers, in their blind hatred of a certain group of politicians.
But what are the odds that having served her two weeks of penance, she is back working for #NDTV?
Just for the sake of archiving, here are the screenshots of what Nidhi Sethi, Deputy News Editor at #NDTV said in the aftermath of the #PulwamaAttack.
A truly sick mentality, this.
And then there was the time when the good folks at turned Robert F. Kennedy into a Chinook helicopter! Sheer magicians, I tell you!
Agenda ooncha rahe hamara!
But I have a confession to make .. I sometimes stay awake at night wondering if I am wasting my time chronicling the allegedly ‘unique’ brand of journalism of #NDTV, esp when NO ONE watches it in the first place!
‘ll leave this blog here for the time being with a screenshot of this tweet by @shivanginipatha!
Jai Hind!

Far too many ‘coincidences’ in terms of ‘editorial oversights’, no? Or is there a method in this ‘madness’? I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Well folks, this is it for the time being, allegedly!

Calling Pakistan’s Nuclear Bluff (Updated)


So THIS statement by the Prime Minister of India has set a lot of knickers on fire, unsurprisingly, on BOTH sides of the border.


In light of this, I’m some thoughts on calling Pakistan’s Nuke threat.

There was a recent spate of statements from Pakistan, threatening pre-emptive use of tactical nukes against Indian forces even as they might be in their barracks / staging areas.


Firstly regarding the preferred delivery mode – the Nasr missile. With a diameter of just about 30cm,I find it laughable that Pakistan actually has a working bomb of such dimensions. I may be wrong out here, but would be willing to hedge my bets on this account due to the fact that they’ve not tested since 1998, and are working at best, on unproven designs.

Secondly, despite a stated first use policy, they’ve been silent on what constitutes their red lines. In case of a stand-off that might play out on lines of Op Parakram, wherein strike elements actually moved in close to borders, a pre-emptive use by a panicked field commander might lead to a bloody war instead instead of what might instead have been mere posturing.

And mind you, I am not even contemplating a Jihadist in Khakis, and there is no dearth of those, mind you!
Just read THIS piece before proceeding ahead.
I insist.

Here’s a quote from the Brigadier: “We should fire at them & take out a few of their cities: Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta,” he said. “They should fire back and take Karachi and Lahore. Kill off a hundred or two hundred million people”

And he had unfettered access to the Paki PM, btw.

Thirdly, in case a Pakistan justifies a pre-emptive strike on account of a threat in being of an Indian attack, can the same premise – an imminent nuclear strike, as proclaimed by Pak – not be used as a premise for a ‘pre-emptive retaliatory strike’ by India, as part of its NFU doctrine?

Btw, I just realized I had tweeted this phrase ‘pre-emptive retaliatory strike’ on 25th Oct 2015, nearly three and a half years before the IAF actually did the Balakot Strike! Let me take a few moments to pat myself on the back, before I continue! 😎


Ok, enough back-patting .. back to the blog now!

Fourthly, if Pakistan Army truly believes that even a dozen sub kiloton nukes can actually stop the might of Indian strike forces, they are going to be in for a rude shock. They know it too. And if they don’t, well explains it quite well in this video below


That brings us to the next question – ‘What Next?’

Stated Indian Nuclear Doctrine doesn’t differentiate between tactical nukes or any other type of nukes. Massive retaliation is the stated response that will visit them soon thereafter.

Being a military which has such strong survival instincts that it is not beyond sacrificing its own pimps in Kashmir, Kargil, AfPak & elsewhere; to expect Pak army to risk its very existence is a fallacy.

They’ve demonstrated it each and every time after each and every defeat.

The Brown Panted ones WILL sue for peace when on the verge of defeat. And then spin it as a victory for the consumption of their gullible masses. The latest example is the Balakot Strike and the F-16 loss the next day.

Now coming on to the conventional nuke threat – with designs that are presumed to be indigenous to Pakistan, and NOT supplied to them by their Chinese friends. Why I say this? Well, here is why :-


The entire world knows that conventional nukes are for deterrence, and NOT for use in a war because .. well .. in case that happens, no one lives to celebrate victory.

But our dear friends in Pakistan have been fed on a steady diet that their valorous brown panted ones WILL nuke the kafirs to their East in case of a war.

The number of Pakis talking about nukes so casually is a stunning pointer to how far down the drain they’ve gone. At some level, this can be justified. Justified by the glaring disparity in conventional forces of India and Pakistan, the bluster of Brown Pants, esp their Propagandu-in-Chief of ISPR notwithstanding.

Till 25th Feb 2019, the Brown Pants were firm in their belief that a nuke umbrella gave them a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Card when it came to poking India.

It was demonstrated right after the nuke tests of 1998 when that very winter Pakis occupied winter vacated Indian posts in Kargil.

That India could choose to react with extreme violence never occurred to the Brown Panted ones, led by their wise leader- Shri Musharraf.

Heck, the Brown Pants now had nukes!

But guess the GOI didn’t get the memo which stated Indians were just supposed to turn the other cheek!

And then the Indian Army came calling. And Shri Musharraf ordered his favourite military maneuver – one that he had himself perfected in 1965, 1971 and later in the late 80s, in Siachen – he ordered his Brown Panted Army to run back!

However, I suspect that the Kargil war stayed limited to North of Zojila and didn’t end up in a 1965 type situation must have bolstered their belief that nukes had indeed saved them from a greater embarrassment.

I’m sure this was further reinforced when the GOI decided not to attack Pakistan during Op Parakram, even after the Kaluchak attack. And then came 26/11. Indian forces weren’t even told to mobilize.

The nuke bluff seemed to be working, they must’ve thought.

That India might have had different compulsions in doing what it did, or did not do, never occurred to the Brown Pants.

All this changed on 26th Feb 2019 when the IAF breached all ‘unwritten agreements’ and came calling over the Balakot terror factory inside Pakistan proper.

The ‘Crazy Man’ image that the Pak Army had created for itself had gone bust.

An India which wasn’t deterred by the ‘Contrived Irrationality’ of Pakis was something new.

Events which followed the day after – India not even bothered by Paki Propagandu of no F-16 loss must have only confused them further. Nothing says this louder than the spate of juvenile tweets from the official propagandu handle of the ISPR.

And then the Indian PM said what he said recently!

With this, folks, the Pakistani Nuclear Bluff is well and truly called for what it is – Hot Air.

Expect more shrill noises from them, and of course, some folks within our borders as well.

Now, lastly and most importantly, is the reqmt of making the sponsors of Pak nuclear pgme pay in case nukes gifted by them to Pak (Ref Lop Nor, May 1983 – Para 14 here: ).

Here’s a screenshot from that, even though the entire report is a highly recommended read:-


This is important since now ppl will be shouting the loudest, in the aftermath of the PM’s statement.

Nothing fancy, but just an ‘innocent’ statement to this effect by one of the many semi-govt ‘loudmouths’ in reply to such statements from Pak would surely raise hackles in a LOT of world capitals. Given blatant nuclear proliferation in arming their cat’s paw, they too deserve ‘some’ anxiety atleast, given that India is forced to live with a nuclear armed mad dog at its doors.

Talking about ‘Cat’s Paws’, I had put out a blog post some days back about China engaging Indian security apparatus by its hired lackeys. May have a look – China & India – Together Ahead?

But coming back to the topic at hand, once we have atleast a half dozen or so Arihant class boats prowling the seas with an assured second / third strike package, perhaps then the nuke benefactors will feel some bit of ‘anxiety’ that I talked about a few paragraphs above.

Bottomline – Nuclear sabre rattling is just like riding a tiger.

Nukes are NOT to be used in a war, unless it is the ‘very last’ war this world sees.

Don’t do it.

Tomorrow a rabid, brainwashed population may not leave you with a way out.

Oh, and talking about a brainwashed population, I finish this thread with a link to this blog post from some months ago – State Sponsored Radicalization in Pakistan’s School Curriculum: Part 1 of 3