TLP et al – Pakistani Chickens Coming Home To Roost!

Ok folks, carrying on from THIS blog shared two days ago, let me share some thoughts on the current situation in Pakistan and how I view it. Opinions shared here are strictly personal, and were initially shared on Twitter a few hours ago.

Firstly, in case u missed it, do go thru the blog linked in the paragraph above, before moving ahead. However, even if u don’t, it won’t matter because this chain of thoughts that I’m tweeting today, is mostly unrelated to the issue of yesterday, that was a bit personal, with my twitter handle too figuring in a Pakistani report!


Ok, firstly, a quick recap of things as they developed:

Last year, a young girl in a French school, in order to hide the fact that she had been suspended for skipping classes, lied to her father that her teacher had told Muslim students to leave class as he showed photos of Prophet Mohammed to the rest of the class. Unsurprisingly, the teacher in question was dead 10 days later, beheaded by a fanatic after the girl’s father went ballistic with rage on Facebook. Here’s a link to a report on the issue, for those interested:

Samuel Paty Murder: How a Teenager’s Lie Sparked a Tragic Chain of Events

Soon thereafter, the French President honoured the slain teacher and his Govt conferred upon the teacher, Mr Samuel Paty, the highest civil honour of France – the Legion d’Honneur. This happened on 21 Oct 2020.

France, Waging a Crackdown, Honors a Teacher and Depicts a Plot in Beheading

Soon thereafter, a country whose capital city is almost 7,000km from Paris, erupted in anger and started burning itself down, crying hoarse at the happenings in France!

Not surprising at all, since the country in question calls itself the ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan!

Of course, the fact that reactions across the dozens of Islamic countries elsewhere in the globe were far more measured, was lost on these self-styled custodians of their religion, what with their nuclear bombs, ballistic missiles and bottomless begging bowls!

Soon, the govt of Pakistan caved and promised the TLP (who were at the forefront of the outrage) that they would discuss the removal of the French Ambassador to Pakistan, in their parliament. ‘Phew! Crisis Averted’, the handsome Beggar-in-Chief must have thought!

But he didn’t move ahead to honour his promise, relying instead on the supreme guidance by Shri General Zia ul Haq who had, with a straight face, stated that, well, you can lie when it suits you!

“Muslims Have the Right to Lie in a Good Cause”—Former President of Pakistan

Easy, no?

Yet, there was a small hitch – the yahoos, that were so ‘lovingly’ nurtured by the Brown Panted custodians of Iman, Taqwa and Jihad fi Sabilillah, had not forgotten!

They came back on the streets with a vengeance some weeks ago, more so after their leader was arrested in order to prevent exactly what followed in the Theatre of Absurd that lies to our West! Hashtags about civil war in Pakistan / Pak Govt Stop this Terrorism soon trended there!

The Pakistani State acted SWIFTLY as always – by shooting and killing / injuring these folks!

Then they delivered the next BIG blow to TLP – By banning them under the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1997, essentially calling them a terrorist organisation!

TLP banned: What does it mean?

Sadly, the ban did practically nothing to help diffuse the situation on the streets! Finally, the govt of Pakistan realized that the yahoos on the streets were nothing but their own alter egos!

You don’t believe me? Well, the ‘Handsomest’ Prime Minister in this world HIMSELF said so!


The cave-in was swift and decisive, inspired no doubt, by the ‘exploits’ of their Brown Panted Ones on the battlefield! On that note, I’ll just leave this twitter thread from a couple of years ago, out here. Do browse thru it!

So the TLP leader was released from jail and the govt ‘promised’ that they would actually act upon their promise of last November by discussing the issue in the Parliament!

At the same time, the Beggar-in-Chief himself came on TV to address the outraged masses. However, what he basically said was that ‘Hamari Aukaat Nahi hai France ke Khilaaf kuchh karne ki. Oh, and one more thing .. blah blah blah .. Yahoodi .. blah blah blah!’

He also announced his latest ‘SCHEME’ – One where Pakistan, the custodian of the Islamic Nuclear Bomb, would share the responsibility for the mess on their streets with the rest of the Islamic world, well .. because as I said above – Uski khud ki aukaat nahi hai kuchh karne ki!


Ok, so with this as a primer / background, moving on to the events as they unfold now. The Pakistani Parliament finally took up the matter of expulsion of the French Ambassador earlier this week, thanks to the ‘gentle’ reminder by the TLP about their promise made last years!

Now this is a tricky situation for the parliamentarians of the ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan – Who in their right mind would vote AGAINST the motion, especially on matters concerning the Prophet himself, Hainji?? More so when memories of Shri Salman Taseer Ji are still fresh?

Talk about a rock and a hard place, eh!

No wonder the PPP chose to valiantly RUN AWAY from the debate, citing moral outrage! Well Played, I must say!

Of course, the small matter of their Paise Ka Rishta’ with the French bore no weight in this matter. Sachchi!

Well, atleast the streets were empty. And this was a MAJOR victory over those Indians who had caused all that mayhem by trending ‘provocative hashtags’ on twitter!

However, all I will offer is this statement below:

Streets being emptied DOES NOT mean that the matter is resolved.

Yup. Feel free to read that again, even as the Pakistani Parliament hopefully puts the matter to vote soon.

It should be really interesting to see how the ‘Post Jumma Namaz Sessions’ pan out in Pakistan, btw, in case the Parliament verdict is not acceptable to the yahoos, provided it comes out by then!

The TLP have already tasted a few good doses of street power over the past few years. Make no mistake about that.

And where do they derive this street power from, even at the expense of the Pakistani State itself?

Answer to that lies in Pakistan’s Objectives Resolution of 1949 that said sovereignty belonged to ‘Allah Almighty alone and the authority which He has delegated to the state of Pakistan, through its people for being exercised within the limits prescribed by Him is a sacred trust’

All that the TLP now needed to do was to prove to the Awam that they were working FOR the Almighty Sovereign.

Heck, they are even calling themselves ‘Ashiq ‘e Rasool’!

THIS, folks is the quagmire that the ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan has gotten itself stuck into.

Talking about TLP, it is the same bunch of yahoos who were given cash by the mighty Brown Panted Ones not very long ago, along with a loving – ‘Kya Hum Aapke Saath Nahi Hai?’ Only thing that the Jernail didn’t do that day was kiss the yahoos!

Well, chickens have come home now!

Another question that comes to my mind is what next after the Pakistani Parliament votes unanimously to expel the French Ambassador? Do they really think France will just send another ambassador in lieu? Or will the diplomatic boycott have bigger ramifications?

The Beggar-in-Chief already partially alluded to it in his address, when he talked about their Aukaat. One thing seems for sure, however, that the Karachi Metro Red Line MIGHT get a bit delayed!

France to Provide Rs. 12.3 Billion Loan for Karachi Red Line Project

Add to that the ‘small’ matter of the large amounts of French origin equipment operated by the Pakistani armed forces, and things get even more interesting! All in all, Pakistan isn’t quite covering itself in glory with all this drama, which isn’t over yet!

On a more serious note, as I wind up this blog post, I can only wonder at how many new Mumtaz Qadris are slowly and quietly cleaning their weapons, waiting for their own Salman Taseers to show up in their gunsights.


Of course, like always, it is India’s fault that the TTP carried out a blast in Quetta in the middle of all this. Very convenient, I’d say.

India doesn’t want peace in Pakistan, says Sheikh Rasheed after Quetta blast

Just as it was in the case of the massacre of little kids at APS Peshawar some years ago.

Keep being ostriches, and you will keep wondering ‘what went wrong’

Then there is the case of the boot being on the other foot, atleast with respect to the Beggar-in-Chief of Pakistan. Holding the state to ransom is fine ONLY when he is not in power! This is he saying exactly the same thing before being selected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan!

Watching the above video, can you really say the TLP did anything different from what their own Prime Minister did when he was not happy with the govt of the day?

Do mull over it for a while.

In the meantime, here is another ‘CANDID VIDEO’ of Shri Imran Khan calling himself .. err .. a Kutta, that was selected by the Generals who have no idea of leadership! Truly a Theatre of the Absurd, I’d say!

In the end, I really do pray that the TLP or some other set of yahoos in Pakistan do NOT stumble upon this depiction of their Prophet in the US Supreme Court, because expulsion of the US Ambassador won’t be a very good thing to do!

Muhammad Sculpture Inside Supreme Court a Gesture of Goodwill

I end this thread here by repeating what I wrote earlier in the blog – Streets being emptied does NOT constitute a victory for the Pakistani State

The matter is only beginning to move forward now. What happens next will be interesting to see!


So Shri Shoaib Taimur from Pakistan did an analysis of the ‘Civil War Trend’ in Pakistan a few days back. A fairly deep research, I must say, and some really interesting data points were brought about by the handle.

Kudos, indeed!

Let me share some thoughts on it here ..

Now why I got interested in this topic is ‘coz my twitter handle too figured in the beautiful graphic tweeted by the Pakistani gent, for being tagged as part of the trend!

Hence this short blog post!

Thoughts are still disjointed. Let’s see how it goes!

Firstly, it would be naive to assume there would be no interference in the other’s internal affairs from across the LoC / IB because it’s a well known fact that the two countries don’t really count each other in their list of ‘friends’.

Just to reinforce my statement above, I’ll share this tweet from a thread that I call #PakTrends, which has been chronicling the exact same phenomenon from across the borders in Pakistan, even though I don’t have even 1% as many details as Shoaib Ji above!

So it is a fair assumption to say that the other side too is not very much ‘दूध का धुला’. Far from it, in fact!

Here’s one more tweet from the above thread, just to reinforce my point!

In fact, just take 100 seconds to go through my thread quoted in the tweet above, before moving ahead in this thread. Totally worth it. Promise! Here’s the link to that thread as archived in this very blog of mine –

Moving on! All I wish to say is that there cannot be a fire without fuel. And fire was aplenty in Pakistan in the days that have just gone by.

As was firing, and killing by security forces.

Whether or not it constituted a ‘Civil War’ is a matter of perception, but things were definitely quite ‘Uncivil’, to say the least. Here’s another citizen of Terroristan shouting that their own army is killing them!

I hardly think he was running any account on twitter to ‘DEFAME‘ Pakistan!!

And neither was this doctor!

OK, perhaps the Doctor Saab might have been on Twitter. But then I’m not quite sure he would have disagreed with the ‘Civil War Trend’!

Oh, and BTW, Indian accounts tweeting from India could NOT have trended any hashtags INSIDE Pakistan, no? That could only have been done by Pakistanis tweeting from within Pakistan!

And another interesting hashtag I came across was ‘Stop Govt Terrorism’!


Of course, our man Shoaib Ji had a ready answer for that – They were FAKE Pakistani accounts, or perhaps TLP themselves!


NO OTHER GENUINE PAKISTANI handle seemed to have been tweeting using that hashtag, it seems!

Yup. Here are some of the ‘Fake Pakistani Accounts’ or TLP that were trending the offending hashtag inside Pakistan. They do look the part, don’t they? #JustAsking


Of course, serving soldiers of Pak Army threatening to join the ranks of the protesters too was dismissed as Indian Propaganda and fake news! Even in case of a soldier who didn’t hide his face or name, for that matter. I doubt he breathes anymore. Seriously!


Here’s a video of the guy, btw. He looks straight into the camera with his one good eye, while the other .. well .. looks somewhere else!

Damn those Indians .. they could have atleast found a ‘MODEL’ who could atleast look straight with BOTH his eyes!

Yup, as per some Pakistanis, it was Indian handles tweeting with a ‘Civil War Hashtag’ that caused all this mayhem INSIDE Pakistan!

I’m sure even the ‘good’ agencies within India would be surprised at how potent they are seen to be by their adversaries!


And then there was this officer from the Lahore Police who logged on to Twitter, realized there was a civil war going on inside Pakistan, and ordered his men to ‘Shoot Straight’ instead of firing in the air! ‘Seedha Goli Maar’, he shouts, and ends the ‘Civil War’!

But then, deep within Terroristanis themselves know that it is they themselves who are to blame for the shit that they have landed their country in.

Poor Old Indians, once again DENIED credit by the SMART Pakistanis!

Let me wind up this blog post now, since I do think I have made my point. I’ll just reiterate what I wrote in the beginning – WELCOME TO SOCIAL MEDIA! THIS is how it works. THIS is how you too ‘exploit’ it for whatever happens here in India. I’ve shared the #PakTrends blog above.

For all the wonderful work at analytics, fact remains that the Pakistan State has had to backtrack in the face of the fanatics that descended the streets. No amount of finger pointing at ‘Hashtag Campaigns’ from India can hide away that fact.


What happens in the Pakistani Senate during the debate on the expulsion of the French Ambassador, as demanded by the TLP, remains to be seen. In fact, I plan to share some thoughts on that as well by tomorrow evening.

As this thread comes to an end, I’ll share a screenshot of the Brown Panted Propaganda-in-Chief here, running a ‘Brilliantly Successful’ hashtag campaign of his own, and DEFEATING India, even if on a virtual battlefield because, well, the physical battlefield is a bit difficult!


So Dear Bhikharistanis, do go on analyzing trends & patting yourselves on the back at ‘Catching India in the Act’, even as your own countrymen go about burning your country. This is how I look at your analytics! Thank you for your time & patience.

In the end I’ll just add this one tweet here as well.

Chickens ALWAYS come home to roost.