On Ravi River Waters Flowing Unchecked into Pakistan

Project for better use of water of rivers flowing into Pakistan

    I just came across this above report on the www. Instantly reminded of a thread first tweeted in June 2015 about Ravi River waters flowing untapped into Pakistan. Here it is!

Ravi River waters belong to India as per Indus Water Treaty, yet the last headwork to divert waters of this river that India has is at Madhopur (near Kathua), a cool 126 km as the crow flies from the point where the river finally flows out of India near Lahore!

    All the water that flows into the river after that, and the water that cannot be retained upstream of the headworks is allowed to flow into Pakistan without any check!

    Is there no place in between where water can be diverted to the existing canal system?

    One possible method is to increase the capacity of the canal linking the Ravi at Madhopur Headwork to Beas near Mukerian.

    Beas waters ultimately drain into the Harike Barrage South-West of Kapurthala, from where part of the canal system feeding Rajasthan originates.

    The waters from Madhopur, instead of flowing into Pakistan, can thus be diverted to Rajasthan.

    Catchment downstream of Madhopur needs another solution. The river flows very close to existing canals and natural drains.

    A link from the river to these, or perhaps a new canal altogether, akin to Ichhogil which served as a barrier opposite Lahore in 1965 could serve a dual purpose – utilize your allotted waters to add another defensive barrier in Punjab, at the same time augmenting supplies to Rajasthan as this canal flows Westwards of Amritsar and joins up subsequently with the canal system originating from Harike. Why the eff should these waters irrigate the fields of the jihadi hotbed of southern areas of Pakistani Punjab, instead of my own lands?