On Pakistani ‘Warning’ about an Imminent False-Flag Operation by India

So this report below landed on my TL some days back.


As soon as I saw this, I let out an involuntary OTTERI!!

Let me take some time and some tweets to explain why that happened. Thoughts are, as always, disjointed so I’ll be doing this blog post on the go.

So .. here goes!

Well, the first thought that crossed my mind was that of this incident :-

It is something that no one talks about or even remembers because, well, it was foiled! Kudos to the security agencies for foiling what would otherwise have been another Pulwama type attack.

At that time too I did a blog post on the attack. May have a look before moving ahead, if you have the time: PULWAMA – A CLOSE CALL!

Now for the question as to why my mind went back to this particular incident,right? Well because in the preceding 3weeks, the Beggar-in-Chief selected by the Brown Panted Ones to warm the PM’s chair had made no less than FOUR statements regarding an IMMINENT FALSE FLAG OPERATION!



Interesting, no?

Now imagine if that particular attack had succeeded in inflicting yet more Pulwama CRPF Attack type casualties, he would have been hailed by nothing less than an oracle by his population!!

Hence my hackles getting raised at this latest statement as well.

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, this attempted terror attack and all those ‘Warning Statements’ by Imran Khan happened right about the time when things in Galwan between India and China were heating up. In fact the clash of 15th June was just about two weeks ahead.

Now tally this latest statement with the happenings on the LAC, what with the PLA abducting an Indian citizen from Arunachal Pradesh and the latest video of a scuffle between the Indian and Chinese troops doing rounds on Twitter. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination ..

Carrying on with this thread, anyone remember the bomb recovered in Ghazipur Market in Delhi on 14 Jan 2022, just ONE DAY AFTER the latest ‘warning’ from Pakistan?

Sharing a screenshot of this ANI tweet for those who missed it:

To put things in a more ‘visual’ manner, here’s a video of the NSG destroying the bomb, taken from atleast a few hundred metres away from the site. Do watch it.

Heard the blast?

Now imagine this thing going off in a crowded market. But .. why even imagine when we have a real life example from Delhi itself – The Sarojini Nagar Market bomb blast that happened in 2005. 43 lives were lost that day.


Here’s the wiki link to the bombings of that day which took a cumulative total of 62 lives in three bomb blasts – 2005 Delhi Bombings

But we just brushed past this report of yet another similar attempt in the National Capital!


Because it was foiled!

On that note, once again let’s take a moment to thank our security agencies and vigilant citizens that ensured that this didn’t become a lasting scar instead.

Yup. Once again, this happened just ONE DAY after Packie Foreign Office WARNED the world that India was planning a false flag operation to malign the ‘good’ name of Pakistan! If only they could utilize this ‘divya drishti’ to sort out their own mess within their own Bhikharistan!

Talking about the ‘good’ name of Pakistan, I’ll just leave this video here before moving ahead!

Ok, moving on after that reality check!

Basically, they seem to be building an alibi for something that ‘might’ happen in India that would naturally result in fingers being pointed at the usual suspect – Pakistan.

This time they have gone even further than ever – bringing out an entire National Security Policy document that purportedly talks about keeping the ‘unresolved’ Kashmir issue aside and working ‘with’ India instead!

V.E.R.Y clever, I must say, especially when within the little bit that they deemed worthy of declassifying, the mention of India comes with words / phrases like ‘regressive approach’, ‘hegemonic designs’, ‘illegal & unilateral actions of Aug 2019’, ‘occupation forces’ etc!

Oh, and not to forget this gem! (Rough Translation – If Bhikharistan cannot afford to match it, India shouldn’t progress either!)


Unsurprisingly, the usual Non Resident Packies (or Non Resident Indians, as some call them!) within our borders were almost immediately selling the narrative that ‘Dekho, Dekho Pakistan Badal Raha Hai!!’

To them, I’ll just quote Arora Uncle from a famous comedy show – ‘Ack Thoo’!

The favourite one amongst them all was this one – Pakistan is Hurting!


Why, you ask?

Well, because it reminded me of something I wrote some years ago.

THIS is what it reminded me of – a tweet from nearly three years ago!

Packies are hurting alright, but due to circumstances of their own making – Political, Military, Economic, Diplomatic or, specifically in case of Pakistan – Terror.

And with people within us that like to concentrate on their lips because it makes it that much more easier to ignore the guns in their hands pointed at the Motherland, or the suicide vest strapped to their body, job of ‘soft-selling’ Terroristan is made so much more easier, no?

So what do we expect next?

Well, at the very least, I expect nothing less than yet another attempt at executing a terror attack in Indian hinterland, especially with major elections coming up and atmosphere already charged, making a ‘false-flag’ accusation much easier to make.

They’ve tried it before.

They will try it again.

They WILL mobilize ‘sympathizers’ within us to actively argue their case of innocence.

This cycle goes on and on!

Remember, even Musharraf ‘promised’ on 12 Jan 2002 NOT to let Pakistani soil be used for terror against India!

We all know how that promise went down the drain with the blood of innocents in Kaluchak barely five months later.

Remember, we are not even 50 years into the 1000 year war promised by Shri Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto!

And the new security policy only promises a 100 year ceasefire!

Bottomline – Keep your powder dry, and NEVER trust those that are sworn to destroying you, even if at the cost of their own country.

Things in the immediate and far neighbourhood are heating up as the winters recede. These are critical times indeed. We would be fools to be taken in by soft propaganda, helped by the usual suspects within.

Like it or not, if we are lucky to live till the end of the next decade, the world we shall die in, would be vastly different from the one we were born in.

The onus is on us to ensure, or atleast try our level best that things pan out favourably for the Motherland. For those that still doubt what I said, I’ll leave this statement made in the Pakistani Senate by a Federal Minister here without any further comment. Do NOT miss the applause by his fellow parliamentarians.
Jai Hind