Continued from PART II, published some weeks ago. Didn’t realize then that there would be so much new ‘content’ so soon. Anyhow, here’s chronicling the same ..

So what if stats don’t agree with us .. we’ll MAKE them agree! The numbers indicate an increase, but the graphs disagree!


गिर चुका है ये चैनल! 😀


Oh, and how can anyone forget the #NDTVGirl ask the IMF Chief .. yes the IMF CHIEF .. whether Hindu Males alone benefit from India’s growth!


Yup, being ‘Legally Vetted’ indeed .. if only some fact checking had been done b4 actually publishing it .. but then, you can always vet it later!

Godawful &repulsive indeed .. esp the way the insult is turned on its head


Oh, the outrage!
Especially since Heckling = Terrorizing!
Oh, btw there are no terrorists in ‘India Controlled’ Kashmir (refer PART I of this blog series, or THIS tweet), merely ‘Separatist Guerillas’, allegedly!


This one is awesome!
Pic 1: Get called out for what might have been a genuine mistake.
Pic 2: Refuse to acknowledge & offer gratuitous advice
Pic 3: Get called out for the liar that you are
Pic 4: STILL refuse to see reason and offer a juvenile excuse!
Welcome to #NDTV, folks!


This one is unique NOT because of the wrong mathematics (aisi galtiyan to hum se hoti rehti hain 😇), but for the fact that the tweet is still there as it was, un-amended, and more importantly, RT’ed by the @ndtv handle as well!


Ye kaisa ‘Leaving’ hua bhai?
Or are they implying that the PM is a fan of Swargiya Shri Michael Jackson’s ulti chaal wala moonwalk?


#NDTV – Where middle school mathematics makes our brains hurt!
Or are they finally making an effort to improve the mathematical skills of their employees so that 26*2=62 doesn’t happen again (Refer tweet 77)?


British MPs are passe (Refer tweet 24) .. with a former POTUS himself insulting us, we are in a league of our own! Now, if only the current POTUS would oblige us .. 😀


And who’d have thought we would have the grace to accept the free ‘publicity’. No way! How can we not let the whole world know what our agenda .. err .. question was? 😀


Oh no .. I should have avoided the word ‘agenda’ in the above tweet.
On that note .. plz DON’T pay any heed to this video, I implore you!
In fact, as per a commentator on YouTube, #NDTV themselves too have taken down this video!


Oh, and btw, we WILL question constitutional authorities that have been entrusted as the custodians of this great democracy of ours .. no bias here, mind you .. so what if there exists no solid evidence of that!


While we are on the topic, what is a zero between friends .. that too on an election morning, hain ji? Fact checking is secondary .. ‘breaking news’ is what we live for!


Then there is the quintessential editorial ‘oversight’ .. or maybe they think one of these two gents is a PM / CM in India by day and a minister in Sri Lankan govt by night! (Screenshot from ‘s TL)


The interesting thing about statistics is that they can tell just about whatever you ‘want’ them to tell .. ‘single quotes’ and U-Turns et al!


And in the quest for ‘victimhood’, what is a few crores here and there?!! 😀


Oh, DAMN the mirrors that ppl keep shining in our faces!!


And this one I leave here without any comment 🙂

This reminds me of a dialogue from the game GTA II which I used to play sometime in the last decade – ‘REMEMBER, RESPECT IS EVERYTHING’!
Oh, and the single quotes for ‘respect’ .. if that cannot make you fall in love with the good folks manning the #NDTV offices, nothing will!
Sometimes I wonder would an allegedly renowned media house so proudly quote ‘Foreign Media’ in the main headline IN ADDITION to the usual disclaimer at the end of the report.. But then I tell myself, it is !
Disclaimer: The screenshot on ‘Abusive Handles’ is in no way related to the screenshot of a couple of tweets of the anchor. I just felt I should post them here together, on a whim. Seriously!
Facts are facts .. however, what is a few words in Queen’s English here and there if it suits our narrative, this time about the role of the State as represented by it’s police force, hainji?
If only ‘Jumping to Conclusions’ were an Olympic event, we’d never have any dearth of medals!
This screenshot, I’ll just leave over here in this thread without any comments
Ah, this one reminded me of the hashtag , and the outrage it caused – both secular as well as communal! Thank God for Twitter!
Aise editorial errors ho jaate hain kabhi kabhi!
A brutally polite lesson in tolerance!
Incidentally, I’m unable to find the original tweet of Barkha Ji that triggered this convo .. it might be my browser, or the tweet might have been deleted for all I know!
I wonder what triggered this hashtag about #NDTV .. but some of the responses are truly ‘hilarious’!
It is no secret that the Pakistani establishment is not very happy with , but too???
But, trust to give it back in his own way!
It was allegedly a bug which caused this on the #NDTV website!

Damn those ‘editorial gaffes’ .. they never stop! But the best part is that this tweet by STILL hasn’t been taken down and amended! Well, atleast they give image credits at the end of the tweet!! 
The tweet quoted by might indeed be yet another ‘innocent editorial error’ for all we know, but then, he is not the only one calling it otherwise!
PAID audience? Now whoever heard about that! 😀
Sab miley hue hain ji .. this is not fake applause .. there is a perfect explanation for it given more than a century ago by Shri Hermann Minkowski Ji: TIME IS THE FOURTH DIMENSION!
THAT is how the fellow is asking the ques & clapping at the same time!
Fetish with single quotes is quite understandable, but the word ‘suspect’ in any case means things are not confirmed.
Why put that in single quotes?
Chalo, small mercy that the word ‘alleged’ didn’t figure in this report! 😀
For the nth time .. has NO double standards whatsoever .. they have just one standard .. Got that?? 
If there is one thing you can’t blame the good folks at for, it is CONFIDENCE!
This is a VERY interesting conversation that a star anchor had with
I am assuming there were no lawsuits filed, though!
I cannot believe that this is not a photoshop!
I would think that even journos would know that a person named Mary Kom actually exists beyond the cine world as well!
But well, doesn’t surprise me any more!
Here in we very strongly believe that behind every silver lining there is a dark cloud!
I can almost see the next headline – ‘Banana Planters Go Out Of Business After Bridge Connects Village To School’!
(Refer two screenshots above)
Yo NDTV so patriotic that they don’t give a damn about Chinese boatsmen! Their concerns only concern Indian boatsmen!
We in #NDTV will go any lengths to get you a breaking story .. Heck, if we are unable to find one, we will CREATE one!
Even if it comes at the cost of our reputation .. because .. well .. What Reputation?!!
Talking about reputations!
Btw, you might want to go thru the replies to the tweet quoted below (LINK)
To be fair, #NDTV probably wouldn’t be the only one that confused ‘Osama’ with ‘Obama’.
But that doesn’t mean I’ll not put this ‘editorial gaffe’ here for archival purposes!
Our editors have managed to defeat the Matrix by successfully introducing a ‘glitch’ that converts a drug addict into a drug addiction!
Here’s proof!
Refer PART 1 of this blog series.
Whenever we type the word ‘TERRORIST’, our computers automatically change it to a more ‘humane’ word.
In this case our computers chose to convert Terrorists into Citizens!
This one is offered without comment, our of sheer respect for their allegedly unbiased reporting!
Talking about inadvertent editorial gaffes .. THANK HEAVENS they only made him ‘Sardad’ Patel and not ‘सरदर्द’ Patel!
Because had they done it, one can only imagine the kind of reactions they might have received!
Shukr hai bach gaye!
Kasam Se!
This time a guy trained to kill Indian citizens gets branded a Worker!
Looks like the message that the ‘T’ word will NOT be used has really tickled the creativity bug in some good folks!
Btw, such a glamorous ‘representative’ photo of the alleged ‘worker’ made me do a google search.
Sure enough, the report on a terrorist’s arrest carries a cropped / photoshopped photo of police officers!
Ah, Statistics!
We love them soooo much, ‘coz they can always be suited to tell what we have on our alleged agenda!
Over here, #NDTV seems to be implying that govts in India are formed / felled based on vote percentages and NOT the absolute numbers of MPs!
Yo #NDTV so secular that a Pakistani Flag automatically changes to a flag RESEMBLING Pakistani flag!
This, when their OWN report says it is a Pakistani flag in the VERY FIRST SENTENCE!
Heck, even the headline of the report says Pakistani Flag!
But, looks like the worker bee sitting on the twitter handle of our dear #NDTV didn’t get the ‘correct’ message, Allegedly!
Btw, ANI tweeted two pics with their report on the incident.
Guess which one did #NDTV choose to use for their own report!
(With due attribution to ANI, of course!)
VIRAL indeed!
Aur iss desh ke baaki maa baap toh apne bachchon par sirf chaabuk hee chalaate hain!
How in the world did the good folks at #NDTV manage to do this still baffles me!
My alleged conspiracy theory begins with the sentence, “One night an NDTV intern was feeling bored, so he went online and ..”
God bless the person who allegedly created the word ‘ALLEGED’!
Even @KanchanGupta ji agrees, allegedly!
BREAKING NEWS IS OUR DHARMA .. Fact checking comes secondary!
Somehow, I have my doubts the ‘govt hand’ actually used that word.
But then, he is and will always be anonymous, no?
Talk about reputations!
While we are on the subject of reputations, I guess this thread too has earned a bit, allegedly .. or would you say purportedly?
To be fair, she wasn’t the only one who celebrated the deaths of soldiers, in their blind hatred of a certain group of politicians.
But what are the odds that having served her two weeks of penance, she is back working for #NDTV?
Just for the sake of archiving, here are the screenshots of what Nidhi Sethi, Deputy News Editor at #NDTV said in the aftermath of the #PulwamaAttack.
A truly sick mentality, this.
And then there was the time when the good folks at turned Robert F. Kennedy into a Chinook helicopter! Sheer magicians, I tell you!
Agenda ooncha rahe hamara!
But I have a confession to make .. I sometimes stay awake at night wondering if I am wasting my time chronicling the allegedly ‘unique’ brand of journalism of #NDTV, esp when NO ONE watches it in the first place!
‘ll leave this blog here for the time being with a screenshot of this tweet by @shivanginipatha!
Jai Hind!

Far too many ‘coincidences’ in terms of ‘editorial oversights’, no? Or is there a method in this ‘madness’? I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Well folks, this is it for the time being, allegedly!

Calling Pakistan’s Nuclear Bluff (Updated)


So THIS statement by the Prime Minister of India has set a lot of knickers on fire, unsurprisingly, on BOTH sides of the border.


In light of this, I’m some thoughts on calling Pakistan’s Nuke threat.

There was a recent spate of statements from Pakistan, threatening pre-emptive use of tactical nukes against Indian forces even as they might be in their barracks / staging areas.


Firstly regarding the preferred delivery mode – the Nasr missile. With a diameter of just about 30cm,I find it laughable that Pakistan actually has a working bomb of such dimensions. I may be wrong out here, but would be willing to hedge my bets on this account due to the fact that they’ve not tested since 1998, and are working at best, on unproven designs.

Secondly, despite a stated first use policy, they’ve been silent on what constitutes their red lines. In case of a stand-off that might play out on lines of Op Parakram, wherein strike elements actually moved in close to borders, a pre-emptive use by a panicked field commander might lead to a bloody war instead instead of what might instead have been mere posturing.

And mind you, I am not even contemplating a Jihadist in Khakis, and there is no dearth of those, mind you!
Just read THIS piece before proceeding ahead.
I insist.

Here’s a quote from the Brigadier: “We should fire at them & take out a few of their cities: Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta,” he said. “They should fire back and take Karachi and Lahore. Kill off a hundred or two hundred million people”

And he had unfettered access to the Paki PM, btw.

Thirdly, in case a Pakistan justifies a pre-emptive strike on account of a threat in being of an Indian attack, can the same premise – an imminent nuclear strike, as proclaimed by Pak – not be used as a premise for a ‘pre-emptive retaliatory strike’ by India, as part of its NFU doctrine?

Btw, I just realized I had tweeted this phrase ‘pre-emptive retaliatory strike’ on 25th Oct 2015, nearly three and a half years before the IAF actually did the Balakot Strike! Let me take a few moments to pat myself on the back, before I continue! 😎


Ok, enough back-patting .. back to the blog now!

Fourthly, if Pakistan Army truly believes that even a dozen sub kiloton nukes can actually stop the might of Indian strike forces, they are going to be in for a rude shock. They know it too. And if they don’t, well explains it quite well in this video below


That brings us to the next question – ‘What Next?’

Stated Indian Nuclear Doctrine doesn’t differentiate between tactical nukes or any other type of nukes. Massive retaliation is the stated response that will visit them soon thereafter.

Being a military which has such strong survival instincts that it is not beyond sacrificing its own pimps in Kashmir, Kargil, AfPak & elsewhere; to expect Pak army to risk its very existence is a fallacy.

They’ve demonstrated it each and every time after each and every defeat.

The Brown Panted ones WILL sue for peace when on the verge of defeat. And then spin it as a victory for the consumption of their gullible masses. The latest example is the Balakot Strike and the F-16 loss the next day.

Now coming on to the conventional nuke threat – with designs that are presumed to be indigenous to Pakistan, and NOT supplied to them by their Chinese friends. Why I say this? Well, here is why :-


The entire world knows that conventional nukes are for deterrence, and NOT for use in a war because .. well .. in case that happens, no one lives to celebrate victory.

But our dear friends in Pakistan have been fed on a steady diet that their valorous brown panted ones WILL nuke the kafirs to their East in case of a war.

The number of Pakis talking about nukes so casually is a stunning pointer to how far down the drain they’ve gone. At some level, this can be justified. Justified by the glaring disparity in conventional forces of India and Pakistan, the bluster of Brown Pants, esp their Propagandu-in-Chief of ISPR notwithstanding.

Till 25th Feb 2019, the Brown Pants were firm in their belief that a nuke umbrella gave them a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Card when it came to poking India.

It was demonstrated right after the nuke tests of 1998 when that very winter Pakis occupied winter vacated Indian posts in Kargil.

That India could choose to react with extreme violence never occurred to the Brown Panted ones, led by their wise leader- Shri Musharraf.

Heck, the Brown Pants now had nukes!

But guess the GOI didn’t get the memo which stated Indians were just supposed to turn the other cheek!

And then the Indian Army came calling. And Shri Musharraf ordered his favourite military maneuver – one that he had himself perfected in 1965, 1971 and later in the late 80s, in Siachen – he ordered his Brown Panted Army to run back!

However, I suspect that the Kargil war stayed limited to North of Zojila and didn’t end up in a 1965 type situation must have bolstered their belief that nukes had indeed saved them from a greater embarrassment.

I’m sure this was further reinforced when the GOI decided not to attack Pakistan during Op Parakram, even after the Kaluchak attack. And then came 26/11. Indian forces weren’t even told to mobilize.

The nuke bluff seemed to be working, they must’ve thought.

That India might have had different compulsions in doing what it did, or did not do, never occurred to the Brown Pants.

All this changed on 26th Feb 2019 when the IAF breached all ‘unwritten agreements’ and came calling over the Balakot terror factory inside Pakistan proper.

The ‘Crazy Man’ image that the Pak Army had created for itself had gone bust.

An India which wasn’t deterred by the ‘Contrived Irrationality’ of Pakis was something new.

Events which followed the day after – India not even bothered by Paki Propagandu of no F-16 loss must have only confused them further. Nothing says this louder than the spate of juvenile tweets from the official propagandu handle of the ISPR.

And then the Indian PM said what he said recently!

With this, folks, the Pakistani Nuclear Bluff is well and truly called for what it is – Hot Air.

Expect more shrill noises from them, and of course, some folks within our borders as well.

Now, lastly and most importantly, is the reqmt of making the sponsors of Pak nuclear pgme pay in case nukes gifted by them to Pak (Ref Lop Nor, May 1983 – Para 14 here: ).

Here’s a screenshot from that, even though the entire report is a highly recommended read:-


This is important since now ppl will be shouting the loudest, in the aftermath of the PM’s statement.

Nothing fancy, but just an ‘innocent’ statement to this effect by one of the many semi-govt ‘loudmouths’ in reply to such statements from Pak would surely raise hackles in a LOT of world capitals. Given blatant nuclear proliferation in arming their cat’s paw, they too deserve ‘some’ anxiety atleast, given that India is forced to live with a nuclear armed mad dog at its doors.

Talking about ‘Cat’s Paws’, I had put out a blog post some days back about China engaging Indian security apparatus by its hired lackeys. May have a look – China & India – Together Ahead?

But coming back to the topic at hand, once we have atleast a half dozen or so Arihant class boats prowling the seas with an assured second / third strike package, perhaps then the nuke benefactors will feel some bit of ‘anxiety’ that I talked about a few paragraphs above.

Bottomline – Nuclear sabre rattling is just like riding a tiger.

Nukes are NOT to be used in a war, unless it is the ‘very last’ war this world sees.

Don’t do it.

Tomorrow a rabid, brainwashed population may not leave you with a way out.

Oh, and talking about a brainwashed population, I finish this thread with a link to this blog post from some months ago – State Sponsored Radicalization in Pakistan’s School Curriculum: Part 1 of 3


On the Downed PAF F-16 and the Propaganda Thereon

So folks, sharing some thoughts on the recent spate of statements and counter statements on the Paki F-16 that was shot down by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. I know its a bit late in the day, but what to do, I was mighty busy through the last 10 odd days!

Anyway, here goes ..

It all began on the last Jumma Day on 5th April. After his weekly Jumma bath, the Brown Pants Propagandu-in-Chief started his PropaganduOfTheDay with the national motto of the Republic of India – सत्यमेव जयते.

Oh, only if he knew what was to follow!

Not to be outdone, the Beggar-in-Chief soon followed His Master’s Voice!

By soon, I mean a day later, because presumably, it took him about 24 hours to get rid of his Jumma ‘High’. Being too tired, he too stole the सत्यमेव जयते part from the Propagandu-in-Chief’s tweet, though.

So, what exactly had happened, you ask?

Well, a Gori Memsaab had written a piece in a Western publication, no less, that Beggaristan’s American masters had come to take a quick count up of Paki F-16s and declared that all were intact!

So ‘excited’ was the Propagandu-in-Chief, that he took a bit longer than usual in his weekly Jumma shower bath and almost yelled out MARTIALLAW as he ‘finished’! Thankfully, he quickly corrected himself and yelled सत्यमेव जयते instead! (No pun intended, Sachchi!)

BUTT .. he thought as he ‘finished’ ..
Oh, well, I digress. He and his shower ‘thoughts’ are none of our business!

Coming back to the topic, the Gori Mem endorsing the Brown Pants was a BIG deal indeed!

In the midst of all this ‘excitement’ early on a Jumma Din, there was a ‘slight’ oversight by Shri Propagandu-in-Chief. The Gori Mem had based her entire ‘scoop’ on unnamed ‘sources’ from the power circles in the US of A!

Heck, even Baskin Robbins guys could produce better ‘scoops’ than this one. And what’s more, their ‘scoops’ would be quite tasteful to the palate than the Shit that the Gori Mem managed to scoop and fling, to much cheering by Brown Pants, for obvious reasons!

So here was the deal – a Gori Mem citing unknown ‘sources’ Vs a Two Star officer of Indian Air Force OFFICIALLY confirming an F-16 claim. Hmm .. difficult choice, no?

Answer: NO!

As far as the Brown Panted ones go, Gori Chamdi wins. Always & Every Time. Esp, when flinging Shit!

Just to refresh you all, here is what the IAF officially acknowledged in its presser right after Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down the Paki F-16.


(Here’s the link to the above tweet and the thread it was part of – Link

Alternatively, here’s the link to the blog that archived that chain of thoughts – Link)

Of course, there was the little, ‘uncomfortable’ fact that the Pakis themselves had admitted to losing one of their own aircraft in that short but epic engagement over the lands of Kashyap Mir, better known as Kashmir today.

Here is how it went.

Soon after the engagement, the Pakis were exhilarated.




No one thought to confirm whom those aircraft belonged to. Typical of the ‘quick shot’ Propagandu-in-Chief, he let one out .. err .. prematurely .. yet again!

After a while, there was time for an update to be given to Shri Propagandu-in-Chief.
But who would dare do it, since it would expose his proclivity for premature .. err .. whatever .. in front of the whole world?

His little Brown Panted minions went into a huddle.

Soon, the inevitable happened.
The Propagandu-in-Chief left for his afternoon potty.
NOW was the time to tell him, the minions decided.
“Err .. Saheb .. there is a breaking news regarding the air battle .. one of the captured pilots is our own”, they shouted from outside his latrine door and ran away before he could pull up his pants!

He grumbled a few ‘jumma eve compliant’ expletives and quickly rushed out, his potty business only half done.

‘Damn those idiot minions’, he grumbled, ‘if only they weren’t so gorgeous ..’

A quick few phone calls later, he had the entire ‘free’ media of Beggaristan outside his office.
There are only TWO Indian pilots, he said, including one in hospital.
Not one of the ‘free’ Paki pressmen asked, लेकिन जनाब, सुबह तो तीन पायलट थे!

Here is the video of that press conference. Watch it from the 4:50 mark

But then again, in the spirit of सत्यमेव जयते, later in the day, someone updated him again. Janab, wo hospital wala bhi apna hee hai.

DAMMIT, he croaked, his throat parched, YE TO GHANI WALI DE-PANTING HO GAYI AAJ!

But there was a job to be done.
Like the true Brown Panted Soldier that he was, he tightened his belt, applied his makeup, and went online again.

Jee ek hee pilot hai hamare paas!

Even as he said this, he let out a silent curse on the unwashed ‘citizens’ of ‘azad’ Kashmir for beating the two Paki pilots to death.
Not just that, they had also gone on record saying that there were a total of 2 planes and 3 pilots that came down!

But then, he wasn’t the Propagandu-in-Chief for nothing!
He decided to counter the uncomfortable truth by simply ignoring it!
No F-16s were used, he croaked next.
Oh, btw, the Indians had recently purchased a used AMRAAM from OLX!


(Link to above tweet – Link

Alternatively, here’s the link to the blog that archived that chain of thoughts – Link)

Phew, too much ‘excitement’ and propagandu for one day, he thought as he changed into his silky pyjamas at night and went to bed, smartphone in one hand.
His other hand is well .. none of our business, to be frank.

Things went on and on over the next few days and weeks, but the Propagandu-in-Chief had a genuine doubt in his mind – DID THAT IDIOT PAF CHIEF BETRAY THE BROWN PANTS BY HOLDING BACK THE INFO OF LOSS OF HIS F-16 AND HIS PILOTS FOR SO LONG?

But well, saannu ki!

He already had a TRUMP Card up his sleeve.
No not Shri Donald Trump who is actually quite annoyed with the Brown Pants, but that Gori Mem and her ‘unnamed’ ‘sources’!
Until, the Pentagon punctured his wet dream!

(Link: Pentagon shoots down media report on F-16, says US has suspended security assistance to Pak from Jan 2018)

But trust the ‘free’ Beggaristani media not to question any of this. They’d rather collectively orgasm at the thought of endorsement of their ‘stand’ by a Gori Mem!

As for the Paki Awam, well I’ll just leave this Blog post here for you all to judge!

Just in case you are exasperated by the Propagandu-in-Chief’s blatant propagandu, just remember the lineage that he comes from!
His exalted predecessors published this ONE DAY AFTER the surrender in East Pakistan!

Then, right after the 1971 war, was the fantastic Paki claim that India was lying that they had shot down a few of their brand new Mirage fighters!
Heck, to prove their ‘claim’, they even lined up ALL 24 of their Mirages for the entire world to see.
It almost worked!

ALMOST, because soon thereafter came the French who said that the Pakis had, in fact, taken deliveries of 28 Mirages!
Not that the Jordanians too were asking – Oye hamare Mirage kahan gaye jo tum saalon ko loan pe diye the ladai ke liye!

Beggaristan, folks is a country which is based on a bunch of lies!
Lies, that have sustained it because no one found it worth their time to question them!
Until now, that is!
This is a country which still believes it won the 1947-48 war.
And get’s its propagandu poster wrong!

It still claims that it won the Kargil war, but won’t tell you how! It still claims that no regular troops of its Brown Panted Army participated in the Kargil War, but won’t tell you that it awarded a Nishan e Haider to Capt Kamal Sher on recommendation of the Indian Army!

It is a country ruled .. nay .. OWNED by its Brown Panted Army, who believe boom and bluster is a viable substitute for valour on battlefield.

Here’s a video which describes this hubris the best!

Vinaash Kaale Vipreet Buddhi
Yahya Khan on East Pakistan

BUTT .. coming back to the Propagandu-in-Chief, seeing that he was on a sticky wicket (Once again, no pun intended!), he also laid out the missiles recovered from the Indian MiG21 debris.
All seekers are intact, he crooned!

Even while he was typing in his next tweet saying ‘WE WON, 😛’, came the reply by a veteran Indian Fighter Pilot, Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Retd), bursting his pretty little bubble!

His air force had trolled the Propagandu-in-Chief yet again by not telling him that atleast two of the missiles had their warheads missing, i.e. they had exploded near their targets!
DAMN YOU BLODDY FIZZLE YA, he silently cursed them once again!

In order to quickly move on, he directed the the loudmouth Foreign Minister, to cry, Hindustan hum pe hamla karne wala hai. Ye rahi tareekh!

Ok, folks, at this point I was forced to interrupt this chain of tweets on Twitter to welcome my first Paki. He is a perfect example of what I mentioned earlier in this blog post – WILL NEVER QUESTION THE OFFICIAL PROPAGANDU!


So back to the blog post.

The loudmouthed one’s crying wolf was met with justified ridicule and a tersely worded statement by a bureaucrat in the Indian MEA. This threat, masked as a cry for help, too had been dealt with appropriately.

I wind up this blog post with a hat tip to Sqn Leader MM Alam who claimed to have shot down five Indian jets in 28 seconds in 1965. His claims were taken at face value and he became an overnight hero, one used even today to remind Indians how AWESOME the PAF is!

Yet, one wonders why no one talks about the dozens of Indian aircraft he would have shot down in 1971. Truth of the matter is that he wasn’t allowed to even fly in 1971! Btw, I’ll leave this piece here without any further comment – Thirty Seconds over Sargodha.

Do read it!

With this I conclude this blog post. Thank you for your patience, folks.
I end this blog with the words I said before – सत्यमेव जयते.
Oh btw, this 👇 is what happened in the middle of all this propagandu warfare!
Jai Hind!

Thoughts on the Balakot Strike: Part III – The Tri-Services Presser in New Delhi

Ok folks, here is my reading of this evening’s tri-services press conference. Once again, I’ll be doing this blog on the go, so the chain of thoughts might seem a bit disjointed. Pl bear with me!

Here goes

Firstly, regarding the change of time from 5pm to 7pm. I think it is fair to assume that it was precipitated by the Pakis’ decision to release Wing Commander Abhinandan. In fact, that announcement came less than an hour after I too speculated the same.


The announcement by the Pakistani Beggar-in-Chief Shri Imran Khan was, unsurprisingly, accompanied by a lot of pontification and sermonizing by the still rattled Pakis attempting to take the moral high ground!

Phrases such as Burhan Wani, Kashmir, blah blah were heard aplenty.

Pakis were happy that they have the upper hand by the way of Wing Commander Abhinandan, no doubt.

Yet, behind all that bravado lurked a real fear – that of the Indian ultimatum that the PoW be returned unharmed and unconditionally.

They were, of course, sorely disappointed by the GOI’s stand.

Heck, even their ‘own’ within Indian borders failed to recreate the IC-814 hysteria that they would no doubt, have hoped for. Yet, they floated trial balloons such as this one.


And something tells me that the originally planned presser at 5pm (IIRC, it was supposed to be without any Q and A, but I may be wrong on that account) might just have been to tell the Pakis that their time was up, and things were moving on to the next stage. I may be wrong on the above statement, but I do feel it is a valid hypothesis, esp in this environment of info overload!

What bolsters my conspiracy theory is that Pakis announced his release just about half an hour before the presser and that the presser itself was postponed.

Okay, so enough about conspiracy theories!

Let me get to the presser itself.

A two hour delay meant that my evening suddenly opened up just in time for a short run!

Jokes apart, the presser itself was crisp and to the point.

Like all of us over here, I am sure the Brown Panted ones on the Paki side too would have been watching it with keen interest – would India accept their ‘peace offering’ in the form of repatriation of the PoW or not!

I think within the first thirty seconds, they would have realized this wouldn’t be the case!

The IAF representative not only pulled their brown pants down, exposing them in front of all that were tuned in, he then proceeded to spank their bare, unwashed bums too!

He not only reiterated GOI’s stand of yesterday that PAF was actually seeking to bomb military targets in response to the terror infrastructure engaged by IAF, but he also said that the much hyped Paki ‘Fizzle-ya’ failed to do so, even a mere kilometer or so across the LoC!

Having thus de-panted the Brown Pants and then spanked them, he proceeded a step further to put it OFFICIALLY on record that the Pakis had not only failed in their mission, but also lost a much cherished and worshipped F-16, and that too, to an IAF MiG 21 ‘Bison’!

Of course, it all begun he calling them out for the liars that they are – claiming two aircraft downed and three pilots captured, to merely one aircraft and one pilot!

Then, with a deadpan expression and delivery, he very ‘cheekily’ let out that the second aircraft and the two pilots that Pakis were talking about were actually their own!

Of course, he didn’t say that in as many words, but then, he told them .. well .. Fcuk You, Pakis!

Of course, to further ensure that by the time the presser ends, Pakis won’t be asking questions of the IAF but their own rulers, he later showed the debris of the AMRAAM recovered near the engagement area as well!

(Photo from TL of @delhidefence)

Thus, within the span of less than five minutes that he spoke, he had taught a very important lesson in Info Warfare to the Brown Pants and their Propagandu-in-Chief!

To think that they can still get away with such 1971 like antics in this day and age, is plain IDIOTIC!

Even 32 hrs after losing an F-16 and possibly one of the two pilots flying it, they had STILL not officially acknowledged it to their own population. And they thought they could keep their brainwashed yahoos blissfully unaware!

Well, an Air Marshal in Delhi put paid to that!

Had they admitted their loss yesterday itself, then this night they would have had some more time to actually think about how to plan for the days ahead. Instead, they will now be busy dismissing the Indian statement!

Suits me fine, to be very frank!

Once the good Air Marshal was done de-panting & then spanking them (Btw, I hereby proclaim copyright on ‘de-panting’ :D), he made way for the Indian Army representative.

The good general spoke for barely a couple of minutes, since much ‘glamour’ had been stolen by the PAF & IAF.

But then there were two phrases which he used that I am sure, would have made Paki Army proud to have stuck with brown pants as their official uniform!

He mentioned that the IA was ready on the LoC AND THE IB!

And then, to thumb his nose at Shri Bajwa, he very matter-of-factly put in a word about IA’s mechanised formations being put on standby!

In a gesture of extreme benevolence to the enemy, he took extreme care NOT to use the words ‘Cold’ and ‘Start’ at all in his statement!

As the good General stepped aside after brutalizing the Brown Pants, in came the Khalsa of Gobind, proudly attired in his navy uniform. And then, true to the reputation of the Navy as the silent service, he read out a statement that was barely one paragraph long!

(Photo from TL of @delhidefence)

But then, unlike myself who believes in loooong threads, this good Admiral was soon done with his bit of statement.

BUT ..

By even before he was done, the Paki Navy Chief had made a mental not to take up a case for changing their own uniforms too from white, to brown pants!

The Indian Navy was already out at sea in full force! I’m sure the Paki Navy Chief, while changing into a fresh pair of undies, would be thinking about his predecessor during Kargil War and the fate that befell him, forcing his resignation a few months later!

Here’s a link about what the Indian Navy was up to, during Kargil War, in case you are interested – Link

The presser soon ended with the display of the mutilated remains of the AMRAAM. I’m sure the Brown Pants in Pindi would have breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that the brutalizing had finally ended ..

And then came the Qs and As!

The press corps tried their best to squeeze out some ‘juice’ from the ‘bland’ statements of the three gents who had just addressed them. I’m sure that only a few knew that those very statements had already squeezed the juice from a lot of brown panted ones across the border!

But then, the good Air Marshal, in response to a Q about the , very ‘drably’ said that we had achieved whatever effect we wanted by the way of the strike. Khatam!

The Brown Pants Propagandu-in-Chief made a mental note about the questions he himself would soon be asked!

Then one question came about which made me think whether a Paki or two had infiltrated the Press Corps in attendance – Was the IAF ‘grateful’ for the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan?

I swear I could almost see the good Air Marshal do a mental facepalm on hearing this!

And then he replied – It is the Pakis who should be grateful to their Brown Panted rulers who decided to release him, or else ..

Ok, so he didn’t use those exact words, but this is more or less the gist of what he conveyed!

Thus ended the evening press conference.

Now let me take a few moments to convey my thoughts on this whole issue thus far.

The Indian side has had official spokespersons giving out statements on behalf of the GOI thus far, and this evening, three military men.

On Paki side, official Govt version was let out by the Brown Pants Propagandu-in-Chief because .. well .. Brown Pants basically own the country, no? However, an entertaining side show was also put up by their Beggar-in-Chief, to keep things light!

What happens next, I cannot say.

But I will definitely point out that the word ‘de-escalation’ nowhere figured in this evening’s presser. On the contrary, practically each and every service of the Indian Armed Forces assured the Pakis that they were raring to have a go at them.

In fact, at about the very time that these gents were addressing the press, Prime Minister of India was convening a high level meeting on security with all 3 Chiefs in attendance.

I’ll not say much beyond this.

Instead, I’ll leave it upto you to make of it whatever you wish to.

Things might heat up yet again, maybe after Wing Commander Abhinandan is repatriated, or maybe tonight itself.

Or they might not heat up at all.

One really cannot say how or what will happen.

But one thing that has in fact happened, is hiding in plain sight – India has forever changed the rules of this game two days ago when the MEA spokie said that the was a PRE-EMPTIVE strike.

This means that India, in future,may not wait for a successful terror attack in order to cross the borders again.

Read the above statement once again.

Let it sink in.

I’m sure the Pakis have already got the message, and the sinking feeling that comes with it  (Pun intended!)

How things pan out over the coming hours and days, needs to be seen.
Remember, it was business as usual till the #BalakotStrike happened.

It is again business as usual since yesterday.


Btw, I’ll just leave this pic of a bumper sticker here without any comment 🙂

In the end, let us all rise from our respective chairs or beds or sofas as the case may be, and observe a minute of silence for the F-16 Jet!

What the Pakis managed to do yesterday was to give the F-16 its ‘Sabre Moment’!

Just like the much vaunted Paki flyboys managed to screw up the reputation of the F-86 Sabre in 1965 and then in case you had any doubts, they did it again in 1971 with the Starfighter thrown in for good effect, this time they’ve done it to the F-16!

R.I.P Dear F-16.

You were a good bird, till such time you offered your cockpit & your stick to a Paki bum! (All possible puns fully intended!)

Talking about the F-16, I’ll leave this tweet from a nearly 3 year old thread here for you to see (Link).


The Americans have a HUGE stake in this stand-off. Their interests here include their weapons, given to Pakis to fight fcuking Taliban!

With this, I conclude this blog.

All I’ll say is I’m happy that Wing Cmndr Abhinandan is on his way back. That apart, whatever happens in coming days, or doesn’t happen, is inevitable.

I’ll just leave this tweet here to underscore my view.



Thoughts on Balakot Strike: Part II – The Pakistani Response

Ok folks, carrying on from this Blog yesterday , in light of the events of this day. My thoughts are still a bit unstructured, so pl bear with me.

First and foremost, the point raised in this tweet from nearly four years ago has now been answered.

Whether it develops into a war, or a ‘near war’ is to be seen now.

I guess that the Brown Pants have taken a call to retaliate, assuming that the aftermath of an overt retaliation against India will be easier to manage than the yahoos within their own country.

It is a bold gamble they’ve taken.

A gamble indeed, because they assume that India will not dare to climb up the escalatory ladder and instead, calmly take this punch on the chin and back down.

But, personally, I feel that is unlikely. I say this on the basis of the past record of this GOI, right from the Myanmar strike to yesterday’s strike. And, to add to that, something which I wrote on the night of the THE UPCOMING GENERAL ELECTIONS!

In a way, the GOI has already let out its intentions in the official statement some minutes ago. Let me elaborate a bit on that. What was striking in yesterday’s statement in the aftermath of the Strike was the pains which the spokesman took to emphasise that it was a NON MILITARY strike. He carefully underlined the fact that no Paki military or civilian targets were engaged.

Now compare that with today’s statement – it STARTS with the fact that the PAF tried to engage military targets.

The symbolism of this should not be missed.

I’ll just leave it at that.

OK, so Imran Khan is on the air right now, saying that they too were taking care not to cause any casualties / collateral damage. But I guess, that has already been preempted by India which has gone on record saying that PAF tried to engage military targets on Indian side.

He talks about miscalculations in wars and tries to take the moral high ground.

Well, I think that boat has sailed now.

Once again, strictly a personal opinion, mind you.

Now coming to the issue of the confirmation by the Indian spokesman that Wing Commander Abhinandan is MIA. With the Pakis confirming, it is safe to assume that he is in their custody.

The question now is, what next?

An IAF pilot in Paki custody is no doubt a liability for India.


I also believe it is also a liability for Pakis themselves, esp since the Brown Pants Propagandu-in-Chief himself has acknowledged it.

Let me spend some time on clarifying that. In case of further escalation, esp with things going south for Pakis, how do you suppose might he be treated?

And now, with a public acknowledgement that he is indeed in their custody, they are bound to release him whenever they do.

Even during Kargil, Flt Lt Nachiketa was returned after 8-10 days. But that was when the Pakis still had the moral upper hand in the war – the Indian Army was still just about getting its act together in early June that summer. This time things aren’t quite the same, though.

There is no Indian land in Paki custody (except for the entire issue of PoK + GB of course). And a bigger retaliation by India is more or less a given IMO.

All I’ll offer is that Wing Commander Abhinandan is in for a few difficult days in the near future, till his repatriation

And this is exactly what makes things difficult for his Paki captors too – to keep him safe and in good health till such time. Of course, they may try and use him as a leverage to DEMAND a de-escalation from India.

How far might that work is doubtful.

The options up ahead vary all the way from de-escalation to a full blown war. If India indeed takes the enemy up on de-escalation, then we can all go home in time for another chilled out weekend. But, if India doesn’t choose to de-escalate, there are a myriad of options.

What happens next will decide whether Pakis can retain their nuke bluff or not. One reason they tried this stunt of earlier today was the difficulty in managing the yahoos within, no doubt.

But another was also that their nuke bluff was under threat.

Well, here’s some breaking news – the nuke bluff is STILL under threat!

Atleast until the GOI makes it clear that they are backing down. And that, IMO, is highly unlikely due to the past reputation of this govt and the upcoming elections.

The options available range from retaliatory airstrikes, to action on the LoC – limited or otherwise, to the crossing of the International Boundary itself. This more or less covers the entire spectrum of retaliatory options available to the GOI.

Now let me talk about why the Pakis chose to cry themselves hoarse yesterday that the IAF only struck the Balakot in PoK and not in KPK. In addition, today too, they chose to confine themselves to a cross LoC raid, and not across the IB.

The question is, WHY??

I’d say it is for two reasons – Firstly the cover afforded to ingressing aircraft by the hilly landscape.

Secondly, and more importantly, the vain hope of keeping any further escalation localized.

Remember, this is how the 1965 war too began – A delusional Ayub Khan choosing Chhamb-Jaurian for his attack and then crying foul when the Indian Army came knocking on the very gates of Lahore!

Oh, btw, that was also the reason Ayub Khan lost his job soon after his ‘victory’. Coming back to the LoC, an escalation limited to that might be a bit more palatable to the international community, no doubt.

But it has other implications as well.

With a huge disparity in conventional military forces, India will be able to do what it did in the 1965 war – a threat in being for opening up other parts of the IB, even as it maintains pressure on the LoC by concentrating critical military resources out there.

Pakis may have been too clever by half in their cross LoC ‘adventure’ of this morning, but I’m sure they must be working the phone lines furiously, begging the rest of the world to hold India back. Personally I doubt that is gonna happen.

They are once again like a dog who keeps chasing after cars, until one day he actually catches one!

To add to their woes, I doubt they’d ever have gamed getting a PoW.

Yup, I’d call him a PoW, because that is what this is – WAR.

A war that commenced on 22 Oct 1947 when Paki hordes came calling at the gates of Muzaffarabad.

A war that has still not ended, with the current situation merely being another battle as part of it.

Btw here’s something I just realized – After every such battle in this war, the Pakis lose their ruler.

1947-48 – Jinnah & Liaqat

1965 – Ayub

1971 – Yahya, and later, Bhutto

1987 (Brasstacks) – Zia

1999 – Nawaz

Right before 26/11 – Musharraf

Do you folks see a pattern too?

Bottomline – Pakis (and by that I mean the Brown Panted Ones – their Army) are caught in a downward spiral with no control over the escalation ladder – somewhat akin to a monkey with his hand caught in a jar of peanuts.

When they could have quietly stuck to their Propagandu of no damage and IAF turned back, they chose to do what they did.

Now the ball is back in India’s court.

And this is where the current GOI has quite a ‘reputation’, to put it that way.

Wing Commander Abhinandan will be back home, no doubt, but a lot of water would have flown in the Chenab and the Jhelum before he does. Of course, he will also figure quite prominently in the political discourse within India too, as we too head towards our own elections.

In the end, I’ll say that we better be prepared for more military to military ‘interactions’ between the IA and the PA alongwith the other two services.

Talking about the other two services, not many would be aware that the Paki Naval Chief actually had to resign after Kargil!

For those who didn’t know, it was due to the Indian Navy. Here is what happened at the high seas that summer – Link

Oh, btw, another interesting thing no one is talking about is the fact that it was an IAF MiG 21 that brought down the much celebrated F-16 of the PAF!

To conclude, let me just say that before the year is out, there will be some very visible changes in top leadership in Pakistan.

Jai Hind!


Thoughts on the Balakot Strike: Part 1

(This chain of thoughts was tweeted right after the initial reports of the airstrike came by. Sharing it here for archival purposes.)

So I woke up to this news and this tweet by the Brown Pants Propagandu-In-Chief!
(NOT a typo, btw)

Firstly, THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT! It is big. It means that it was something they simply cannot hide away, unlike the . It also that gives me great satisfaction, personally. In fact I had tweeted this on the very night of the



Now, since they cannot simply wish it away, comes the bombastic statement by the Propagandu-in-Chief that IAF couldn’t achieve its mission.

Well, there are two aspects to it – firstly, in this time of Social Media & camera phones, how long before truth emerges?

Secondly, and more importantly, even IF the IAF failed, fact remains that Brown Panted rulers of Pak still confirm that the IAF came visiting

What will they do now?

Especially when they themselves have so pumped up their own population about their invincibility?

A population so brainwashed that it still believes it won the Kargil War and didn’t quite lose in 1971 either. In fact, I did a three part blog series on this. May have a look – State Sponsored Radicalization in Pakistan’s School Curriculum: Part 1 of 3

Point is that such Propagandu (again, NOT a typo) by a losing army, esp one that is the de-facto ruler of the country is in a way, understandable. But when you yourself start believing in it is when things go South and ‘Victory’ of 1965 turns into a thappad of 1971.

This is when the average citizen starts expecting their mighty Brown Pant Warriors to deliver a ‘befitting’ response to the eternal enemy. How dare the Indians even think about attacking the mighty Brown Pants, hainji?

THIS is when such things start trending on Twitter in Pak

My favourite of the above trends is #PakistanTayarHai.

Indeed, the Paki population is ready!

But what about the Brown Pants?

Why, despite 3-4 hours of the IAF bombing have they not sent their own air force across in retaliation? Weren’t their own aircraft patrolling their own cities to loud, bombastic cheers by their citizens?


I mean, how far is the Indian border from those cities, hainji?
Or was it the loud noise that empty vessels are so prone to make?

My point is, that India has done what it has done.
And done it in a way that the Brown Pants simply cannot wish away (Just as I had hoped for. Refer second para of this blog).

What it means now is that onus of what happens next is now on the Brown Pants. As I see it, they have two options:

Option 1 – Retaliate

Option 2 – Play it down, pontificate, cry, but do nothing

Going strictly by their past track record, esp in light of the #SurgicalStrike, they will go with Option 2. But what is different this time is that, this thing cannot simply be denied, unlike the #SurgicalStrike

The very fact that the Propagandu-in-Chief woke up early in the morning to tweet about it means that it is something much bigger that what he makes you believe. What bolsters my argument is that there is complete silence from him since that early morning tweet. The reason possibly is that now they don’t know what to do with it.

Reminds me of a joke about a dog that always runs behind cars, until someone asks him what will he do if he ever manages to catch one!

Additionally, this time the GOI has not only done something big, it has done it in Pakistan, NOT PoK!


The ball is clearly in Pakistan’s court. Airstrikes, that too, this deep in Pakistan send a different message altogether.

Now, by merely striking terror camps and not the regular, uniformed jehadis, GOI has indeed given an avenue to the Brown Pants that a war / further escalation will happen ONLY if the Brown Pants want it.

And that is something I seriously doubt.

With tonnes of dispensable terrorists, a few dozens or 100s of them dead doesn’t matter, esp for an army that refused to accept its own dead in Kargil.

Plus, attacks on terror camps is something which the US itself has been doing in past, albeit with missiles. This is something which bolsters India’s case externally too (Not that it matters). What I now await is the reaction from Jaish. THAT is what will set the tone for what happens next. Esp when photographs emerge.

Ah, so the Propagandu-in-Chief is back online after his morning potty and weekly bath! Going back to photographs that I talked about in the previous tweet, this is the first set released officially by the Brown Pants.

Now will come photographs, including satellite imagery and those taken by the attacking aircraft themselves, that will be released by own side. Plus, photos taken by Pakis themselves in the immediate aftermath must already be circulating on their own WA groups.

Once those come out, the Propagandu-in-Chief will once again come out denying them.

But what about the mango, brainwashed Paki, and the mango, brain-dead Jaish ‘worker’?

They too will buy the party line – the IAF ran back.

YET, fact remains that the IAF came in and dropped bombs on Paki territory. The mango Paki WILL demand blood, and answers.

Here is how I visualize it panning out, ATLEAST INITIALLY.

They will issue ‘STRONG’ statements and dismiss this ‘attempt’ by IAF. They will try and be the ‘bigger’ power and pontificate about need to keep tempers under control (All that, while the Brown Pants themselves stock up on toilet paper)

Bottomline: They know their bluff has been called. What they need now is moral lectures on why not to escalate.

BUT ..

Bulk of their energies will now be dedicated to managing the opinions within their own country.

And THIS is where the ‘unknown’ lies. Over the coming hours and days, this is what the Brown Pants will be fighting against, not India. Once again, a story about a monkey with his hand caught in a jar of peanuts comes to mind!

Let me wind up this blog post by saying that this day suddenly becomes a lot more ‘interesting’. This is just the beginning, mind you. The events triggered by the have still not been played down fully.

What if they are not able to answer the questions raised by their own countrymen?

Esp if the India side releases photographs of their own and more importantly, Pakis themselves get to see the photos of immediate aftermath clicked by their own jehadi countrymen?

As I said, interesting days ahead! Btw, you might want to google as to why the Paki Navy Chief resigned soon after Kargil War! 



This stream of thoughts was shared by me on Twitter last night in the immediate aftermath of the Pulwama Attack. Putting them here for archival purposes.

Firstly, what happened and how it happened is by now well known. So I won’t talk about it. In addition, it continues to be my belief that it is Pakis that are behind it. Thoughts on that are embedded in THIS blog post.

Let me concentrate instead on some thoughts that have been wracking my head for the past few hours. 

Firstly, and strictly a personal opinion, this is partly a manifestation of the planned US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Logistics & efforts from that end can now safely and easily be diverted to the 1000 year war that Bhutto promised before he was hanged.

Coming to timing, it couldn’t have been better, or worse, for that matter, depending on the glasses you wear while observing it – General elections on the horizon, Governor’s rule in Kashmir .. and more importantly, the Saudi Crown Prince about to land up in the sub continent. What sort of messaging might be going on, I’ll leave it for you to decipher.

Btw, on a not so unrelated note, next month is the 19th anniversary of the Chittishingpura massacre that happened on the eve of US President Bill Clinton’s visit to the sub continent.

That there is a definite, even if unintended, political angle to this is undeniable. All one needs to do is go thru the TL’s of some ‘celebrity’ journos and politicos. Of course, there are folks saying this was done solely for political purposes.


With the surgical strikes, including the recent bollywood movie, behind them, there seems to be absolutely no way that this govt won’t react. And given the magnitude of the attack, a similar surgical strike which the Pakis can easily deny, won’t cut it. In any case, this is something they must already be guarding against. Hence, I would personally rule out another surgical strike in which own soldiers will go across this time.

How and what shape might the reprisal take, I’ll leave to the CCS that meets soon.

But one thing is for sure – quite a LOT of folks won’t get much sleep tonight, on both sides of the LoC and within the hinterland.

Just as the attack, the response too needs to be ‘spectacular’, and one that is equally visible to the whole world. Herein lies the difference between the and the Uri Attack – visuals of the attack itself.

Incidentally, just as the Uri attack itself, the reprisal in the form of the surgical strikes too was away from the ‘limelight’ until formally announced by the Indian Army. Hence, the Brown Pants of the Paki Fauj could so easily just dismiss the same.

This is what makes the job of the CCS that meets soon, a bit more complicated – An attack that was SEEN by the whole world deserves a response that is equally visible.

Now come the big questions – WHEN and HOW?

Firstly, let me talk about the ‘When’.

With the Saudi Prince very nearly on his way, would the GOI wait for his visit to culminate before doing anything and putting India – Saudi relations in an awkward place?

It is a very serious question indeed, given the recent uptick in the relationship. But in any case, his visit to both the countries will still be overshadowed by the incident.

On that note, why do I get a feeling that phone lines between New Delhi and Riyadh will be quite busy tonight. However small, but what might be the odds of the visit of the Saudi Prince being rescheduled in light of this attack, I wonder..

But the fact remains, that time is running out for the govt even as I type this. By that, I mean that time is running out politically as the elections come closer and closer.

Already, a narrative is building up, on twitter atleast, against the Govt and its security policies. So, the question of WHEN is a critical one for the govt, lest a response be spun as a political gimmick to win an election.

I mean that in all seriousness. My opinion is bolstered by the fact that more than just a few folks actually call Kargil as Vajpayee’s Re-Election War.

Now coming to the question of HOW.

A reprisal can take many forms – Diplomatic, Economic, or Military. I guess, whatever happens, a military response is a given, along with a Diplomatic one.

What form might the military response take, needs to be seen.

Like I said earlier, this time a Surgical Strike won’t cut it. The response simply HAS to be big, and more importantly, visible to all. In fact a highly visible response needn’t be that big since a very visible slap on the face of the Paki Fauj too will suffice.

Despite being in the news for all the wrong reasons, the Indian Air Force still remains leagues ahead of the PAF, as does the Indian missile force when compared to what the Pakis can bring to bear of their own.

Just got this on my mentions tab.


All I’ll offer is that Pakis are bluffing. The facade of irrationality will work only till such time someone gets ready to call their bluff. The moment you do so, you’ll find others joining you.

Talking of Paki bluff, how many of you remember PAF’s ‘valourous’ CAP sorties over Lahore and Islamabad as the Mumbai attacks raged in Nov 2008? Chests puffed, Pakis cheered them on, just because the IAF permitted them to fly unmolested.


Your army is as strong as you want it to be.

No enemy can stand in front of it.



Here’s a bet – within 24 hours atleast one ‘prominent’ Paki will remind the whole world that Pakis are a nuclear power.

That bombast is what has worked so far, but ONLY because no one has called them out on that.

I had tweeted this nearly four years ago. This decade is still not done, btw.


I am not saying this will precipitate another war. Far from it. All I am saying is that the sheer audacity and timing of it all means that there will be something coming their way soon enough.

Oh, btw, forget about the Kartarpur Corridor   It will remain yet another election issue against the govt, just as I mentioned some months ago in THIS  blog post.

Let me end this blog post with a prayer for the martyred CRPF boys and a hope that the Nation gives it back to the perpetrators in a form not seen for a long time.

Om Shanti ..