Folks, sharing some thoughts on the recently foiled terror attack in Pulwama.
What I find surprising is how little ‘air-time’ it has received on social media and even mainstream media.
Just because it was unsuccessful?
Let me put things into context.
Firstly, let me discuss what exactly was being planned.
The Pulwama Attack of Feb 2019 is just over one year old, so we all remember that, right?
This one too was looking at something similar in effect – visual as well as material damages as the one last year. This car too was laden with 60+ kilograms of explosive.
You know what 60kg explosive can do? Well here is the video of the explosion caused when the IED was detonated in a controlled environment by own troops some time ago.
To put things in another context, Wikipedia tells me that the Brahmos missile has a 200kg warhead.
So this car was laden with about 1/3rd of that.
Yup let that sink in a bit – SIXTY KG!
Just imagine the effect this would have had on yet another soft skinned vehicle carrying about 40-50 CRPF troopers, as was the original plan of the bastards.
Hope you see where I am getting to ..
What our boys have achieved is NOT merely averting a terror attack, but possibly another military clash, perhaps far bigger than what came in light of the Pulwama attack of last year.
Here I take a moment to thank them all for their selfless service to the Motherland.
Just imagine what might have been the aftermath had this attack been successful.
With the experience of Feb 2019, the GOI would have been expected to act with no lesser fury. But .. is it the right time for that?
The Nation is just about settling down as it fights COVID-19 and the attendant social and economic challenges that come with it. Of course Beggaristan too is dealing with it, but about their ‘fight’ with the disease, lesser said, better it is.
Then there is the ongoing fracas on the LAC with the Chinese. I’ll leave that bit out of further discussion on this blog post because I intend writing about it separately in a few days.
But, a major terror attack of the kind that was just foiled and the expected aftermath would have definitely made Indian position a bit more difficult, no?
Is it too fantastical to claim that Pakistan was acting like a true and loyal lap-dog of China when it attempted this attack?
Why else would the Terroristani Beggar-in-Chief allude to a ‘false-flag’ attack by India FOUR TIMES IN PAST THREE WEEKS?
As the Prime Minister, I’m sure he knows what his Brown Panted boys are upto, right?
You want a smoking gun?
Here it is.
The Bastards had already thought up yet another ‘brilliant’ alibi for what they knew was to come in Kashmir. Remember Musharraf and his ‘freedom fighters’ occupying heights in Kargils in 1999?
Yes, these idiots are not very creative, I must say.
Before moving ahead, let me just leave this screenshot of a tweet from two weeks before the attack was foiled.
Now with the benefit of hindsight, would you call that ‘incident’ of running through checkposts a trial run?
Would you call the people who went mad, accusing own forces of high-handedness, fifth columnists working for the enemy?
(Disclaimer: This comment is generic in nature, no alluding to Shri Gokhale personally in any manner)
That incident was dismissed as a mere ‘traffic violation’ by some folks.
Technically, this one too was a much similar ‘traffic violation’, no? This time too the forces fired at the vehicle, sadly missing the driver who chose to run away.
Now just imagine if the media had just broken this part of the story – the same rudaali would have been commenced by the usual suspects.
So should I say ‘Thank God’ that this time the vehicle was found to be laden with explosives?
These homegrown ‘liberals’ are either willing pawns in the hands of Pakistan, or sheer idiots unwittingly doing their bidding.
I’ll let you decide on that. As far as my opinion goes, I’d rather reserve it to myself, lest I cause a furore!
Btw, for a moment just imagine if this attack had succeeded.
Pakistan would have been crying hoarse with cries of ‘Imran Khan told you so’, ‘Imran Khan Zindabad’ and such likes, in addition to ISPR’s brilliant hashtag campaign on Twitter, right?
As far as homegrown Jaichands go, Pulwama 2019 template is still too fresh to be elaborated all over again.
To cut a long story short, they would be gloating, just like last year, happy that the Govt of India is in a spot; not caring for the killing of the Nation’s soldiers .. THEIR soldiers.
With the forces already engaged with China on the LAC, this would have only relieved pressure on the Chinese for the time being, enabling them to concentrate better on their own self-created siyaapas in the SCS and Hong Kong, with their India front secure, no?
Btw, before moving ahead, let me just plug THIS tweet here in this thread.
Willful partners of Pakistan, or unwitting accomplices – I’ll leave that to your judgement
Ok, so back to the blog post.
This Nation of ours seems truly blessed that despite being surrounded by enemies outside as well as within, we are somehow able to keep plodding forward. Thank God for the countless, faceless men and women who put their very lives on the line day in and day out for our safety.
I’ve said it before as well –  The real fight coming up is that of China with the rest of the world.
The way the Chinese are thrashing about everywhere is indicative of the terror that they are feeling within, despite the bravado outside.
It is here that pet dogs can and WILL be put to good use. What better than to force a principle land adversary to look AWAY from the Himalayan borders as the commies go about sorting out their own mess?
Especially when a few crumbs thrown at Rawalpindi would do the trick?
Let me say again – I would NOT want this to be treated as a terror attack that has been foiled. Rather, I would like to see this treated as a full-fledged attack mounted by Pakistan that our forces have beaten back, just like in the 1965 or 1971 wars,
Retribution MUST be visited on those responsible.
Thankfully, the pressure to do so immediately is not there this time round because the IED exploded at a time and place where WE wanted it, not when the Terror Central based out of Rawalpindi wanted.
So here I finish this blog post, once again with heartfelt gratitude to all our warriors who have just done what they are tasked to do. Let the enemies outside and within do their worst.
Jai Hind

Update (06 Feb 2021) : The person responsible for the attempted attack has been nabbed in Anantnag!

One thought on “PULWAMA – A CLOSE CALL!

  1. Thank you for highlighting this…. the media doesn’t hold sway over the population anymore…. We look to blog post of the likes of you and other reliable Social Media accounts to tell us the Truth. Hence, Bharat WILL prevail. Jai Hind!


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