NDTV – A history of ‘blunders’

Folks, here’s a post on the ‘motivated’ journalism by . First noticed a distinct ’tilt’ some years ago. Chronicled some, missed .some. For all I know, I might be reading a bit too much into it all, but still thought of archiving my thoughts here on my blog. Here goes!

‘Alleged’ is a beautiful word, used with alleged ‘care’ to ensure the intended meaning is not lost on those who ‘matter’!


This is not my tweet, but quite a reputation that have built


Then there is the issue of calling Kashmiri terrorists anything but that ‘T’ word. Happens far too many times to be a mere coincidence


I guess we should just be grateful to for not calling them ‘Freedom Fighters’. (atleast not thus far)



But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Getting back to ‘alleged’ .. apparently is allegedly the BEST at use of the word ‘alleged’!



God bless the person who came up with this word, ‘Alleged’ .. a godsend for the good folks at ! It’s allegedly a way of life there!



Sometimes one wonders if the keyboards at offices have a special key to type in ‘allegedly’ in one touch!



Then there is the ‘small’ issue of territorial integrity of the Union of India. Who needs PoK / Aksai Chin, no?



And just in case you missed it, will ‘remind’ you. Over and over again! So very considerate of them, allegedly! (Map behind anchor)


Apparently, KNOWS what Indian Map looks like. They even did a pgme on that! Yet keep using wrong maps. I wonder why!



Let alone maps showing Indian territories occupied by neighbours, even Indian lands within our administrative control are fair game!


(IMO, the above isn’t a mere editorial error, but in perfect sync with PRC view that Sikkim still doesn’t belong to India, 2003 be damned)

Of course, then there is the issue of the ONLY Indian (some ppl might use ‘allegedly’ b4 that) channel that calls it ‘India Controlled’



And that too isn’t a one off ‘incident’. Apparently there has been atleast 1 more instance of such ‘editorial oversight’

India Held Kashmir.PNG


Of course, there is the small matter of Al Jazeera getting banned for depicting wrong maps, while other go away scot free!



Moving on to editorial ‘oversights’. He is ‘a’ VK Singh. Of course, won’t mention his rank which he carries even post retirement!

a VK Singh.PNG


THIS I can believe to be a genuine editorial gaffe .. atleast it says ‘Indian Air Force’ on the ALLEGED chopper!



Then there is another editorial ‘oversight’ in that they choose to use photo of Assam Rifles troops for a report on Indian Army



In this instance of alleged editorial error, no one can better the comment of right below the alleged tweet!



Damn, I missed this one – another tweet putting Indian territory up for negotiation. Yup, ‘disputed’ is the official GOI line, no?

C8jPYDSXkAEKX2I.jpg large.jpg


Report on Myanmar Raid. Using a picture of an IA chopper in Kashmir in 2009, possibly a flight carrying mortal remains of Maj Suresh Suri, KC (P)

Capture (4).PNG


This was tweeted in immediate aftermath of the 2014 General Elections. Coincidentally, this theme was VERY popular among Paki tweeple too!


And this one too



But THIS YouTube Video remains an all time favourite No one can accuse of biased reporting. Heck, they question the Supreme Court too! (Do watch. I Insist!)

Of course, the bread and butter – FACTUAL Reporting – too is sometimes up for ‘tempering’ (NOT tampering, mind you), when deemed fit



Given the above, can one really blame this handle for tweeting what he did? does have a certain ‘reputation’ in some circles



Then they give out IAF plans, even if dated. Info which should never have been released as a matter of propriety.


(LINK to above report)

The above was a scoop indeed. A scoop worthy of prosecution under the Official Secrets Act, though


I would definitely want to know how came to know what was written in the Squadron Diary. Espionage, anyone?


Sorry, apologies for using the word ‘espionage’ when the correct word is ‘EXCLUSIVE‘ So what if it is IAF war plans we’re talking about



More inappropriate words, atleast in my opinion



Far too many ‘coincidences’ in terms of ‘editorial oversights’, no? Or is there a method in this ‘madness’? I’ll leave it for you to decide.


Well folks, this is it for the time being, allegedly!



3 thoughts on “NDTV – A history of ‘blunders’

  1. Nice work, I’m allegedly sure that those pious liberals will come after you. Keep hounding you of your alleged mistake here. They control the media somehow (allegedly they think so).

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