NDTV – A History of ‘Blunders’ (PART II)

Continued from PART 1, published some weeks ago. Didn’t realize then that there would be so much new ‘content’ so soon. Anyhow, here’s chronicling the same ..

Cow -> Buffalo -> Ox It’s alleged MAGIC .. Style!! (Then there is the quintessential ‘alleged’ too!)



At times when th ‘alleged’ key on keyboards is stuck due to overuse, ‘single quotes’ come handy ‘Molested’ & Molested – guess the difference. And it has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone’s political leanings!

Single Quotes.PNG


Offered without comments, except for just one word in single quotes – ‘SECULARISM’



Internationally Renowned reputation when it comes to gaffe’s .. oops .. ‘editorial oversights’ of !




You know what, GOI can save a TON of money by disbanding its intel agencies & relying on instead! (Oh, and the Supreme Court too! (ref Nidhi’s Video in Part 1 of this blog post!)


‘Technically’, is correct. Factually too. That said, folks, this is the very PINNACLE of ‘secular’ reporting, don’t you think?


To be fair, they did use the ‘T’ word subsequently. That said, my heart goes out to the poor ‘members’ of this ‘exclusive club’ that found themselves on the wrong end of the stick!



‘Reputations’ are built not on a one off event, but on ‘consistency’ .. THIS is where the good folks at trump everyone else!



Yet another piece of a genuine editorial error from the stables .. damn those ‘innocent’ mistakes!

1. NDTV Modi Eats.jpg


Talking about ‘secularism’, internationally so .. #NDTV style!



Uncanny resemblance, no?

4. Media-BedMates.jpg


So PROUD .. and deservedly so After all, which other news channel has the ‘distinction’ of airing such a ‘World Premiere’, hain?

2.NDTV Rapist.jpg


‘Innocent’ wordplay? Or is it ‘brilliant’ editorship? Why does it seem to me that someone is NOT happy with the wisdom of the courts ..



Just another day in office .. spreading secularism et al!


Oh, and in case you wonder what a mirror looks like, just check out the responses to this tweet. ’nuff said! Haters gonna hate .. our courage of conviction stays strong .. WE DON’T RUN FAKE NEWS!

(PS: Pl ignore the 1000+ replies to this tweet!)



Talking about ‘mirrors’, here’s another classic!


Btw, on a VERY serious note, , you aren’t just secular, but so sexist too!



Fact Checking? Ye kis chidiya ka naam hai, hain ji? (LINK)



Wondering why on a thread ‘dedicated’ to ? Well, there’s only one way to find out – CLICK on it – LINK!



Folks, we don’t have details right now. But if it is a lynching, it HAS to be beef related. Take our word for it! We’ll apologize later!



Double Standards? Ye kis chidiya ka naam hai, hainji?? We at have only ONE standard!



Another innocent mistake .. I’m sure the good folks at must be very very sorry for talking about the PM’s samadhi



They had SOOO MANY details on the incident, except for the fact that he was a Police Officer. Not even AFTER the JKP tweeted about it.




Pakis and Separatists refer to Anantnag in South Kashmir as Islamabad. . . . Oh, and too

What is this calling Anantnag as Islamabad.jpg


Recycling is good for the environment .. THAT’S why we do it, even with old, unrelated visuals!



Step 1: ‘Create’ fake news .. that too in the thick of election season.

Step 2: Apologize

Step 3: Move on!



Even Prashant Bhushan has apologized and issued a clarification. Yet this report keeps insinuating something that is factually incorrect



Who needs fact-checking when you can simply apologize later on!!



Ah, when decline in growth RATE become decline in growth! And then they take offence to the word ‘AGENDA’!

Agenda Parmo Dharmah.PNG


Objective Reporting / Prime Time Debates based on CORRECT facts? Now, whoever has heard of that, hainji? (NDTV and Nidhi Razdan conduct an entire debate based on fake news)



Well well well! Who needs editors who can verify news when all you need to do is apologise & delete it later!



Far too many ‘coincidences’ in terms of ‘editorial oversights’, no? Or is there a method in this ‘madness’? I’ll leave it for you to decide.


Well folks, this is it for the time being, allegedly!

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