Cricket. ~We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality~

Sports do bring out the most basic, tribal / animalistic instincts amongst even the most ‘civilized’ ones. Hence the ‘fanaticism’ showed by many fans as far as their preferred team goes.
There’s just no doubt about it.
What this blog does is to chronicle the same phenomenon and put it into a good context.


At the very onset let me confess I’m a cricket illiterate person & have never been a part of this carnival. But for a country with limited entertainment that doesn’t inculcate sport in its lifestyle it’s wonderful how people turn to cricket almost vicariously. Besides enjoying the game, it fulfils a need, a bond that binds us from North to South, East to West, into a Nation.

To those who repeatedly say that cricket & politics should be kept far away from each other, either don’t understand sport or are ignorant of the fact, that politics has always been a part of it.

In Ahmedabad of the late 70s a Pakistani win meant crackers in the Walled City, skirmishes &, or riots.

During the same years, English football fans returning home to UK via Hovercraft or train would dredge up every World War 2 taunt (yes, WW2 !!) for the…

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