Lest we forget

Tributes to the fallen don’t get much better than this.
Totally worth a read



The flag soared on so gracefully, it had a rhythm to it, like it was swaying to some music that I couldn’t hear. The Kargil War Memorial, overlooking the steep valleys our brave hearts fought for, has a hauntingly beautiful charm to it. The silence speaks of so many stories, of lives that could have been, of promises that would have been fulfilled, of dreams that never saw the light. I could feel immense pain, lingering in those ice cold winds, of every mother who would never again get a chance to spoil her son, every father who regretted not giving his little boy some more time, the sister who would never get to fight with her brother over chocolates, the wife,now a war widow, who would never feel her beloved husband’s warm embrace again, the son who’s super hero wouldn’t play with him ever again and the daughter who…

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