On the events in Pakistan in the Aftermath of Revocation of Article 370

Folks, sharing some thoughts on the reactions across the border ever since the Home Minister announced the abrogation of Article 370, and with it, 35A earlier this week.

But first, let me tell you a story ..

There once was a brown coloured dog, living in the slums adjoining a relatively posh locality. Short statured, but he was still the leader of his pack of mongrels because .. well .. he had the loudest bark!

He had the best of all things that his mongrel followers could salvage. This made him grow fatter and fatter (or as we say in Hindi – Chhota Mota Kutta!), even as his mongrels grew more and more lean.

Now this Brown Majesty had a serious problem with the well fed hounds inside the posh society right across the road. So serious was his problem with them that every once in a while he would send in one of his mongrels to wage jihad across the road into that posh society. Needless to say, no mongrel ever returned from that jihad.

Every once in a while, just to show his mongrels how macho he is, the Brown Majesty would gingerly step on the road & start barking at the hounds across. This would inevitably bring out loud cheers from his mongrel followers because .. well .. he had a really loud bark indeed!

The hounds, though, were hardly impressed by Brown Majesty’s bark & ignored him with the contempt he deserved. Every once in a while, though one of the hounds would let out a low growl, sending Brown Majesty quivering like a leaf.

But quite a grateful leaf he turned out to be!

Grateful, because you see, the low growl was only audible to him & him alone!
None of his mongrel followers could hear it!

Thank God .. err .. Allah, for small mercies, eh? 😅

To his mongrels, he seemed inconquerable!

His stories of ‘valour’ were Legen .. wait for it .. Dary!

Every day, as his own slum drowned in misery, Shri Brown Majesty would promise his fellow mongrels that great riches awaited them once they crossed the road under his leadership and took over the posh locality across!

None of the mongrels, though, asked him – Janab pehle bhi toh aap gaye the uss paar, lekin jeete bina wapis kyon aa gaye?

You know why?

Because he had taught them since their puppy days, that he had been benevolent towards the hounds and let them live out of sheer magnanimity!

Wah Janab, Wah!, were the fawning responses of his mongrels each and every time.

And the mongrels kept trying to enter the posh locality, trying to liberate it from the hounds who were oppressing the occupants within, apparently.

Yet, entering the locality was a difficult task. You see, the posh locality had just a single gate for entry, and the hounds posted to guard the gate were ruthlessly professional.

Until one day .. when they left the gate intentionally open!

Not just that, they sat coolly, almost as if daring the Brown Majesty to ‘show them’!

Janab, Janab, gate khulla hai .. jaaiye aur unn saale hounds ko nestonabood kar deejiye!
Phir hum achha achha khana kayenge!, yelped the excited mongrels.

But it had been really difficult to tell him this. 

He was ‘resting’ behind a bush and hadn’t been easy to find, you see!

Suddenly one of the mongrels noticed something.

Arre Janab, aap yeh paani mein kyon baithe hain?

Thank God they think it is water and not something else, thought General Brown Majesty, thanking his stars.

Any guesses what he did next?

As of now, even I am not sure what General Brown Majesty did next, since the situation is still developing. All I know is that he is still barking a nervous bark, much to the joy and ecstasy of his mongrel followers!

Since I don’t know how Shri Brown Majesty’s story will pan out in the coming days, let me talk about a totally ‘UNRELATED‘ issue – the current dance of headless chickens in Islamabad / Rawalpindi!

There too, some folks are behaving like a dog who used to keep chasing after cars, until the day he actually caught one!

Now he doesn’t know what to do with it!

So allow me to share some thoughts on the clusterfcuk the Brown Panted ones now find themselves in!

Oh, btw, a disclaimer – Any resemblance between the current state of Shri Brown Majesty of that slum and the Brown Panted ones of Pakistan is purely intentional.

Phew .. Glad I clarified this, lest someone get confused! 😁

You are welcome 🙏

Ok, so let me come to why the Brown Panted ones find themselves in this mess.

One simple answer – They are all Bark and no Bite. Read that previous statement again

(Once again, plz try and don’t confuse them with Shri Brown Majesty, PLEASE!)

To be fair, it is not a sin to be thus.
Everyone in the world knows it.
Heck, even they themselves know it!
But there is a small problem ..

You see, their mongrels .. err, sorry .. awam doesn’t know it!

The Brown Panted ones through their Propagandu department under the ‘brilliant’ Propagandu-in-Chief, and their danda that keeps the mongrels .. err.. citizens firmly under their thumb have brilliantly ensured this!

An ever defeated army still rules the country, or whatever is left of it since 1971. Not just that, it is worshipped like demi-gods too!

You know why?

Well because they have practically erased all their defeats from the collective mindsets of their populace!

As per the lies fed to their zombie populace, 1947-48 was a fantastic victory wherein they ‘liberated’ nearly 1/3rd of J&K. No one asks them why in the world were they forever in retreat once the Khalsas of 1 Sikh engaged them at Pattan.

1965 was yet another brilliant military victory, I kid you not! None however, asks them about failure of Op Gibraltar, or GrandSlam, or the fact that their Patton equipped Armoured Div got destroyed at Asal Uttar, or that Indians came calling nearly 20km deep in Chawinda!

All that those poor sods have been fed by their Brown Panted ones is that not only was it a spectacular victory, but even the Roohani Taqats were with them.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this screenshot below!


Then came 1971.

Now this was the Brown Pants’ BESTEST performance to date. No, not on the battlefield, but instead, over their own awam!

They stepped back in favour of Bhutto Saheb, and then when time was ripe, they hanged him!

Masterstroke, I tell you!

And what about the very obvious military defeat, you asked? Well, the current generation of Pakis KNOWS that it was the Bengalis who sold out, else Pakistan would NEVER have broken apart. No one asks about Operation Searchlight or the elections of 1970, mind you!

Take that, you Hindu India!


Oh, and the 93K prisoners of war too is a fake story. The actual figure was far far less than that, as per an average Paki.


However, STILL won’t question as to why his own Pakistan released this stamp below, mind you! You know why, because that was done by Bhutto.

Good riddance, no?


Ah, and then came Kargil! When the Brown Panted ones were just ABOUT to liberate Kashmir, but were betrayed by Nawaz Sharif!

Yes, that is what the Brown Panted ones have made into the national discourse in the Land of the Pure!

Ask anyone out there!

Oh, and Kasab of 26/11 fame?


He was an Indian of course. Didn’t you see the saffron dhaga on his wrist, hainji? And this Paki even knows he was praying to Hindu Gods. And then he was made ‘quite’ by hanging him.

Take that, you kuffars!


Let me now fast forward to the Balakot strike and the days that followed.

Ok, so Balakot.

Well, Propagandu-in-Chief was very clear – three trees and one crow killed. Rest all ok!


Read more about that day here in THIS short blog, based on a twitter thread tweeted that very morning by yours truly!

To cut a long story short, Balakot and its aftermath was yet another SPECTACULAR victory for the Brown Pants and their Air Force buddies. Heck, their Navy too won ‘bigly’ by successfully hiding its Agosta submarine for a full TEN DAYS before she was discovered!

But therein lay a problem. And one which has come back to bite them in their brown South Asian bums – You see the ‘victory’, though spectacular, was limited ONLY & EXCLUSIVELY to social media!

Pakis will confidently tell u that all that IAF bombed in Balakot was trees & a crow. And on the next day when their INVINCIBLE abomination of an air force came seeking revenge, they ‘deliberately’ missed all targets. In addition, they also shot down a MiG 21 and a Su30 MKI.

Yes, you can read that last sentence again.

Apparently, we also lost a Sukhoi that day!

Oh, and what about the F16 they lost, you asked?
Well, What F16, hainji? is the reply you will get!
Of course, no Paki will ask why the Propagandu-in-Chief got so excited that he evacuated the ‘truth’ prematurely! Here’s a video of the same!
(And yes, I used ‘evacuated’ on purpose)

Just watch the video below from 1:36 mark

So, moving on to the current week.

Now that the hounds of the posh locality have left the gate open (remember, the story of Brown Majesty? 😀), the Brown Pants don’t know what to do. All that bombast that they have fed their awam has suddenly become a liability!

The average Paki is hopping mad against India at the best of the times, but now, in light of what happened earlier this week, nothing less than a defeated & humiliated India will satisfy them.

If only they knew the actual reason why their fauj STILL wears Brown Pants even after all these years!

It’s been four days already and still the Brown Pants haven’t unfurled the Paki flag in Lal Chowk.

It’s been four days already and still the PAF has not gone across and destroyed the IAF.

It’s been four days already and still the PN has not bombed Dwarka.

It’s been four days already and still the Paki Govt has not closed Paki airspace for Indian aircraft.

It’s been four days already and still their Brown Pants haven’t nuked the hell out of India, or atleast her dams.

Ye ho kya raha hai BC, is the refrain all around!

Am I kidding by writing what I wrote above, you asked?


Here’s a sample from one of the most ‘respected’ Paki ‘think tanks’ or ‘discussion forums’ on the www! Plz read this Paki’s ‘demands’ carefully.
And be scared.



In case you wish to see the above for yourself & the ‘extremely serious’ discussion that those ‘gentlemen’ are indulged in, just do a google search of the text in the screenshot. That ‘think-tank’, btw, I assume is being run under direct tutelage of Shri Propagandu-in-Chief.

THIS, folks, is what they have brought upon themselves.

THIS, folks, is the reason they are dancing the dance of headless chickens.

THIS, folks, is why I believe that the civilian govt will end up taking the flak for the failures of Brown Pants once again.

Read this book, btw.


But, they absolutely HAVE to do something, else their own awam will drag them out of their mansions and onto the nearest lamp posts, thanks to the relentless propagandu fed to them. So here is what I presume will be happening in the coming few days!

Firstly, they have already hinted that US plans for a draw-down in Afghanistan might face reduced ‘cooperation’. But knowing the current US administration, I’m sure there will be less indulgence and more spanking this time to get their job done.

Secondly, they are still running around in circles about the airspace ban. Of course they can do it again, despite having opened it up just a couple of weeks ago. But, the bhikhari Nation may not be able to sustain the loss in revenues by overflight charges for long!

So what CAN we do, must be the ques doing rounds in Rawalpindi, because .. well .. who cares about what PM Imran thinks, no? 😀

Of course they can ‘internationalize’ the issue!

Heck, they had even packed away the loudmouth Foreign Minister Qureshi to Saudi for that, remember?

Oh, and UN too.

Yes, UN and OIC and .. wait .. yes .. and ICJ.

Yes, let us go to them all!

(Btw, Nawaz must be laughing in his jail cell at the thought of his statement of Dehati Aurat!)

Well, boo fcuking hoo fcukers!

The awam will not be quite ‘amused’ at this.

Far from it.

The awam wants blood.
And they want it as of yesterday.

But the Brown Pants know something that the awam does not – Most of the blood that will flow in case of a military confrontation will be theirs and not Indians’.

THIS they will never allow to happen. After all, who will pay for the stitching of all those new brown uniforms, hainji? THAT is why they have refused to even pick up their dead soldiers’ bodies still rotting on the LoC.


So what other options do they have?
The Beggar-in-Chief Imran Khan has already hinted to the possibility of another Pulwama type attack.

Then there is the possibility of a communal riot, something on the lines of 2002 Gujarat Riots.

The Gujarat riots happened at a very convenient time for Pakis, something which is often overlooked.
Parakram was on.
The pressure on the borders was huge.
And voila!
Army formations rushed back from borders to quell those!
Just a conspiracy theory, no?

But then, will even a riot satisfy the bloodlust of the Paki awam?
Not with they trending #KashmirParFinalFight and #PakArmyRetaliateAgainstIndia on twitter!


But knowing the reputation of this govt, what with two surgical strikes and the Balakot strike, they cannot be sure of how India might retaliate. And then there’s the problem of how THEY will retaliate against the Indian retaliation!

You see the problem?

It is not the cluster bombs that India supposedly used across the LoC.
No Sir.
It is, instead, the cluster-fcuk that the Brown Pants find themselves in.
They will dare not poke the hounds across the road.
Because they don’t know how they will react.

It is an ironical twist of fate – the ownership of ‘contrived irrationality’ has been taken away from the Pakis and securely held by Indians now.

Liquid Oxygen analogy comes to mind.

Like I said earlier in this blog, I still don’t know how they will be forced to react!

Yes, I qualify it saying ‘forced to’ react because the emotionally charged awam is likely to lead them into something stupid. Now whether that happens outside their borders or within remains to be seen.

All the best Imran Khan Saab!


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