On Pakistan’s De-Escalation Offer


Looks like Shri Ganpat Rai has made Pakistan his permanent home!

But jokes apart, NEVER trust Terroristan, ESPECIALLY when they offer ceasefire / de-escalation. What this statement from Pakistan means is that they are really hurting due to the relentless whacking by the Indian Army since Pulwama / Balakot.

Of course, being practically bankrupt, plus an IMF which is making them grovel for bakhsheesh like never before helps too.

THIS is the reason why they are suddenly smoking the peace pipe, in addition to the dope that they are otherwise addicted to.
And this is not the first time they are doing so, mind you.

On 12 January 2002, the world saw a mightily shaken up Musharraf come on television and ‘promise’ that no Pakistani territory would henceforth be used for terror against India.

You know what prompted this?

It happened when he realized that this time India meant business.

It happened when he saw the way the Indian Armed forces had mobilized in the immediate aftermath of the Parliament Attack, all set to teach Pakis a good lesson once and for all.

Interestingly, by making this statement, he more or less acknowledged Pakistan sponsored terror.

Btw, it was the same Musharraf who had PUBLICLY felicitated terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri for bringing the head of an Indian Army soldier from the LoC not very long ago.

It was the same Musharraf who has been repeatedly humiliated by the Indian Army


(LINK to above tweet)

Here are a few more tweets on Musharraf and his baptism by Indian fire in 1965. This thread was tweeted on the occasion of 50 years of the 1965 war. Here’s the LINK to the relevant part of that thread and a screenshot below:-


It was the same Musharraf who had told a group of retired military officers in April 1999 that “Taliban are my strategic reserve & I can unleash them in tens of thousands against India when I want” (LINK).

So what happened in 2002?

Did he realize his ‘folly’ and become a reformed man?


Far from it.

The reason for this cosmetic change of heart was that India was finally on verge of calling Pakistan’s bluff. How much sincerity lay behind his words was aptly demonstrated when Pakistan sponsored terror killed unarmed women & kids in Kaluchak 5 months later.

Pakistan react ‘fast and furious’ by arresting Hafiz Saeed after Vajpayee talked about Aar Paar ki Ladai.

The same was repeated after the 2008 Mumbai Attacks!

Such is the irony of the terror infrastructure in Pakistan that today Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar and Lakhvi roam freely, while Musharraf is hiding in the Middle East!

This brings me back to the basic premise behind this blog – Pakistan offering an olive branch.

We’d be fools to be taken in by it.

Just as their proxies come back stronger after every ‘Ramzan Ceasefire’ in the Valley, so will the Pak Army.

This offer is not that of a ceasefire, but a tactical retreat instead.

A tactical retreat because their bankrupt economy can no longer sustain such prolonged engagements.

A tactical retreat so that they can go back to licking their wounds.

A tactical retreat so that once their wounds heal and logistics replenished, they can go back to being .. well .. themselves.

A tactical retreat because the much anticipated baksheesh from IMF is taking a tad bit longer.

Let’s be clear folks – this ‘offer’ is not due to a change of heart, but is more about making a virtue out of a necessity because they just cannot carry on any longer.

This is not the time for us to repeat past follies and show magnanimity yet again.

Throughout our history, we’ve pardoned an inexcusable number of Ghauris an inexcusable number of times. And we all know what we have to show for it – Zilch. One often wonder what might have been, had we NOT been magnanimous even one of those times. Here is a tweet from about four years ago (LINK):-


This ‘peace offer’ by Pakistan is because they’ve once again realized that the GOI is damn serious about de-panting their brown pants spanking their brown bottoms good.

Any guesses why the ‘peace offer’ came right after this report – Army postpones critical wargames due to deployment on Pakistan border?


Bottomline: This is not the time to smoke the peace pipe.

On the contrary, this is the time to let the dagger thrust in their backsides, remain their, if not pushing it deeper. The enemy is hurting. The Valley is relatively calm, despite the onset of summers. Let it remain thus.


3 thoughts on “On Pakistan’s De-Escalation Offer

  1. Sir, do you remember Mushy’s speech on Pak TV post 9/11, when Bush more or less issued an ultimatum: “You’re either with us or against us”. There were in fact two speeches. One was in English, dripping with reason and brotherhood. Then followed the Urdu “translation”. This had a significant deviation. In this
    he referred to the Treaty of Hudbaiyya by Prophet Mohd.

    This treaty is the bedrock of Islamic military doctrine. It has glowing references in Pak lore as a masterstroke of strategy. When Mohd. saw he couldn’t capture Mecca with the non-Muslims holding it in strength, he entered into the treaty and made peace. Then he began insinuating his fighters into Mecca in the guise of merchants and innocent travellers, all the while building up his military strength.

    When he was good and ready he abrogated the treaty and took over the city, folliwed by the inevitable massacres and forced conversions.

    This treaty explains all the deeds of Ghoris, Bhuttos, Mushies etc right down to the present lot. The few who saw through the treaties-are-meant-to-be-broken game were Guru Gobind Singh and Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Shivaji had to learn it the hard way.

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