What I have learnt / observed after about a decade plus of my experience with social media that what you see above is this the favourite ‘comeback’ of Pakistanis, regardless of what begins a ‘discussion’ with these folks, especially when their views are NOT solicited in any case!

Though this sample is yet another Pakistani who has made it to my muted accounts’ list, I thought I’d indulge this one just a tad bit more.

The buggers across the border seem to be a bit too overtly infatuated with the state of access to toilets in India. To be fair, there did use to be some merit in this line of thought till about five years ago, no doubt.

Till the previous Govt of India built 100million+ toilets, that is!

Yes, mindsets will take still a bit more time to change, but change they will. More so once each and every household gets piped water as planned by the current Govt of India.

But then, who will tell the yahoos inhabiting the lands to our West is the moot question.

Another question is that of living in glass houses and YET choosing to change clothes with lights on!

HERE is a report from one of their own newspapers quoting a figure – A figure of 41 MILLION Pakistanis without access to toilets. A figure that is almost TWENTY PERCENT of their reported population!

But Nope.

They will continue to be infatuated with us poor Indians, despite the 110 million toilets constructed in the last five years!

Let me spend some more time with the report above.

So Wikipedia tells me that Lahore is a city of more than 11 million people. YET, they only have 21 public toilets in the city!!


And most of them are plain filthy.

I didn’t say it. Their own newspapers report it!


But No!

NO Pakistani defecates in the open as per these ostriches.

To top it, they also get magical powers to see Indians across the border lined up on railway tracks!

In addition, they will just not tell you that 125,000 of their children die each year due to diarrhea before reaching the age of five. Read this and weep, dear reader, for a country that is unable to control diarrhea deaths. (HERE is the link to a Pakistani newspaper reporting these figures, in case you have any doubts)

Not only that, they are content to report that the number of deaths have remained stagnant over the years, instead of going down – something which a proactive government and a somewhat ‘normal’ citizenry would have ensured!


Of course the glass house dwelling Pakistani will point fingers at India as well.

Well, India, with more than six times the population, has fewer number of diarrhea related deaths for children under the age of five.

And what’s more, the absolute numbers for India too have been declining steadily over the years, reducing by 52% in the last one decade itself! (LINK)

I’m sure ‘friends’ from across India’s Western borders will be glad that they have beaten India in yet another statistic. Kudos to them all!

Oh, and the above report also contains a V.E.R.Y interesting statistic about access to sanitation India. I’ll just leave a screenshot for the benefit of our Pakistani ‘friends’ who are still stuck in the past, of course without blinkers that prevent them from seeing their own sorry state!


But then, what are a few hundred thousand children dead for a country which not only brought back Polio – a disease eradicated from much of the civilized world, but also actively hunts down its own people trying to immunize its children against it, right? But this is a topic for some other day.

Let me, for the time being, take you back to the screenshot above. 

Why, you ask?

Well, because here is a comparative statistic – 52% Pakistanis lack access to sanitary facilities compared to 19.35% Indians! (HERE is a Pakistani report giving the statistic of 52%)

Oh, and another interesting nugget of info reported by their own press – 79 Million lack access to a decent toilet! (LINK – 79m Pakistanis still lack a decent toilet: report)

BUT .. despite all those new toilets constructed, India still needs to be mocked, because, well Ostriches continue to live in the past!

Of course, with 60% of the population living at less than $2/day, it is better to look outside for solace, no? (LINK – Why poverty hasn’t reduced significantly in Pakistan)

Hence the India bogey!

But what they forget is that India is well on its way to add a Pakistan (economically of course), to its GDP every year within the next 3-4 years!

And with Pak GDP growth rate just about equal to or even less than the population growth rate and about to fall further in the wake of the current #CoronaVirus mess & with govt revenues falling short of even the yearly debt servicing commitments, well, point fingers at India!

Here are some statistics from the Beggar-in-Chief himself.

The Pakistani PRIME MINISTER himself says that 55% Pakistanis don’t have access to a toilet. I guess being a nuclear power with a bloated military budget covers up for it, right?

And here’s some more on the toilet saga in Pakistan, once again straight from the Prime Minister.


I know this is a very dark chain of thoughts, but then it just had to be laid out here in the fashion I have done, even if for nothing else than just archiving facts to counter the nonsensical propaganda from across.

Poverty is indeed the biggest challenge. As an Indian I know it all too well. And I do NOT mock others’ poverty, especially when my own country still has far to go.

But then, some folks just need this treatment. 

First set your OWN house in order and only THEN point fingers at mine, especially when my own economy is doing way better than yours, and better than almost everyone else’s in this world despite the myriad economic challenges.


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